Top 5 Fuel Efficient 150cc Bikes in India for 2017


Fuel efficiency is very important criteria when it comes to buying a car or bike in India. People take mileage into consideration primarily for saving money but buying a high mileage bike has lots of benefits too. The primary benefits include saving money, reduce carbon emission thus reducing carbon footprint, increase in energy sustainability and reduces dependence on costly oil imports.

Let us have a look at some of the top 5 bikes in India that gives best mileage in 150cc segment in 3016.

1. Honda CB Unicorn

Honda CB Unicorn
City: 58
Highway: 68
Overall: 60
Price: Rs. 67,690 (ex-showroom Delhi)

CB Unicorn is gets 149cc power from air cooled engine that produces peak power of 13BHP with peak torque of 12NM. It employs 5-speed sequential transmission using a chain drive. The top speed of the bike is 108km/h. The company claimed mileage is 62kmpl but on actual Indian roads it gives close to 60kmpl which is very close to what is claimed. It also depends on the conditions of the roads and how efficient the bike is driven. On a full tank of 13 litres it could go on an average 600 kms. Buy this bike if you want power and do not want to put load on your wallet while fueling it.

2. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i
City: 52
Highway: 60
Overall: 56
Price: Rs. 68,210 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i is a power bike still manages to be one of the most fuel efficient in its segment. The overall mileage of 56kmpl is not bad for high performance bike. The bike gives out a peak power of 15PS with peak torque of 12.5NM. The bike is fitted with single cylinder, 4 stroke engine with DTS-i. The fuel tank can take in 15ltr where 2 ltr goes into reserve. This bike is not at all a fuel guzzler as complained when you consider the power and performance. Riders complain of slight problem in the gearbox of the bike or else this is a perfect buy in the segment.

3. Hero Motocorp Xtreme

Hero Motocorp Xtreme
City: 54
Highway: 61
Overall: 56
Price: Rs. 69,200 (ex-showroom Delhi)

The bike is fitted with 149.1cc engine which gives out a peak power of 24.4PS and 12.8NM torque. The bike has super performance with very refined fit and finish. Some complains of vibration at higher speeds are there which might be a drawback if you ride more on highways. For city rides one could go for this. It is fitted with 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled engine is well calibrated to give great power as well as good mileage. The bike could take in 12.3 ltr of petrol where 1.5 ltr goes into reserve. It could go up to 700 km with full tank which is impressive. The top speed for Xtreme is close to 112kmph and reaches 0-60kmph in fewer than 5.7 sec.

4. Hero Motocorp Hunk

Hero Motocorp Hunk
City: 54
Highway: 60
Overall: 55
Price: Rs. 68,010 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Hero Hunk is very good looking bike with great fit and finish. The bike is fitted with 4 stroke, mono cylinder 149.1cc engine which gives out peak power of 14.4PS and a peak torque of 12.8NM. Hero Motocorp is known to make good mileage bikes but in 150cc segment it has missed by small margin. The bike is not as powerful as Pulsar but is good enough for Indian roads and it comes with reliability of Hero Motocorp. It generally gives an overall mileage between 50-55kmpl. The top speed is close to 108kmph and reaches 0-60kmph in just 5.6 sec. Fuel tank for this bike can take in 14ltr of petrol good enough to ride for upto 700+ kms. The only drawback for this bike which could be ignored is its standard equipment.

5. Yamaha SZ

Yamaha SZ
City: 52
Highway: 61
Overall: 54
Price: Rs. 56,150 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Yamaha SZ is one of the slowest bike in the segment with top speed of about 100kmph. This is value for money bike which is cheapest in the segment and is even cheaper than 125cc Hero Glamour Fi. Yamaha is known for its build quality and this bike is true example of that. It reaches 0-60kmph in 6.4 sec which is impressive. The bike is fitted with 153cc 4-stroke air cooled SOHC engine that gives a power of 12.1PS with 12.8NM of torque. At low to mif range speeds, the bike give its optimum performance by giving out extra power. This enables it to go very fast on city roads. 14ltr petrol could be filled in the fuel tank which could go upto 700+ kms, so, you do not have to get it filled often.


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