Hero Honda Karizma Review


Hero Honda KarizmaTouching 2 extremes i.e. with a 223cc engine Hero Honda Karizma has the highest engine capacity in the Indian Bike market and it is also one of the lest fuel efficient bike in the Indian market. If you are looking for power, acceleration, speed and fuel consumption is not a problem then it is THE best bike available in the Indian market.

It is more of a touring bike then a racer. The engine does not heats even at high speed and the power delivery is very smooth. Hero Honda Karizma is not that good in its acceleration as compared to other high quality features but it goes well on high speeds. The bike feels less stressed even on long distances.

Riding posture is a bit sporty but comfortable. Karizma is relatively heavy and stable bike which is more due to long wheelbase that keeps it well planted to the ground even at high speeds. It uses one down and 4 up gears and the handling of the bike is quite simple even for people with average height.

It gives a mileage of 30-40 if driven properly which could be considered as poor in Indian scenario. Once you ride the bike you would appreciate the technology behind this bike and the mileage factor will seem immaterial.



  1. The Fact that Karizma owners are not the one who would consider MILEAGE as an important factor when compared to its Price, Performance, Looks, Stability, Status recognition.
    I have a Karizma, and in Worst Traffic Conditions of Pune, It gives a Mileage of 30 to 34 … which i feel is good enough. But the performance it gives is way too good for words …

  2. krishna kumar on

    ya its good to karizma is giving the best performs in India roads and the style of the bike was cool and the speed and the pickup was excellent and i thing coming to the engine capacity the should impure more cc and better speed to the pulsar 250 cc and i think the people who are using karizma they don’t think of the millage the oners of karizma they think of the speed

  3. abinesh kandel on

    u have to improved on this bike. its looks is fine but it doesnot looks like pulsar 225. u have to do abit modified to this bike.like u have put disk on back wheel n u have to increase the size of wheel.n about handle if there is 2 pics handle it looks as a sports bike.n last about silencer there should be like CBR silencer n it looks bream bike. if u follow my word this bike will be top. i m from nepal. neplease bike wants this kind of bike

  4. gobind singh on

    There is no doubt regarding the Hero Honda Karizma performance. But i would like to share one thing when it runs on 115km/hr speed then its rpm increases upto 6000 rpm after this at 115 km/hr speed and RPM increases upto 8000 but there is no increase in speed from 115km/hr at 6000rpm. please tell me what is the reason.

    Mail me gslamba@hotmail.com

  5. I’m Having KARIZMA for Last Two Years and I Bielieve Karizma Is The Best In It’s Class. Keeping All It’s Compet. Along Wall’s. Best in it’Power, Mileage, Pick Up And All it Need’s For Complete Biking.

    Bhatt Rameez

  6. I own 2 karizmas, one is black with red magwheels and the other is silver…both are Karizma R’s….me n my bro like the bike so much, that we even went for long joy rides….thats not all, few of my friends have been GOA, Chennai and even Munnar..i say its a touring vehicle….people can rely on its performace and it is the safest bike even at speeds of 120km/hr….
    best regards,

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