Top 5 Indian 150cc Bikes Review


Ya , I would like to share my experience with all the 150 cc bikes which I have drove personally.

150cc bikes in India

Top End Speed

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi just tries to upgrade their existing version to a higher platform.
The top end speed I rode was 120 in UG2 but in UG3 I was not able go above 115km/hr and it struggles after touching 93km/hr . The noise produced is heavy. (would fear about engine) hmmmm..

Honda Unicorn, the product from Honda is a good one too. This soundless beast (compared to pulsar) reaches smoothly 115km/hr. No problem with it, but I was not able to go more than this speed as my road was little bumpy.

Hero Honda CBZ XTreme – one of the hefty bikes in this series is very powerful, MR LONG, has a great tendency to reach top end speed with less time. It reached 125 km/hr. Speedo error is also present so average of 120 km/hr. The acceleration from 60-100km/hr is best. This uses old unicorn engine, as it has soundless feature like in unicorn.

Hero Honda Hunk is also a HH product. Yes, it also reaches 115km/hr as the specification is the same as CBZ (I have not rode it).

Apache RTR is a 160 cc bike produces 15.2 bhp which is the leader here . It reaches 132km/hr, but I am sure the speedometer has error in it . To tell I think it has reached 125 km/hr.


Pulsar wins here with styling because Bajaj mainly aims up only with the sleek design factor. Trendy headlight, mighty tank and sharp end tail. But that doesn’t mean that others are bad.

Apache RTR is the smallest bike : BEST suitable for people with height less than 5’6
Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi : not more than 5’10
Honda Unicorn : 5’10
Hero Honda Hunk: 5’8?-5’11
Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: Best suitable for more than 6 feet guys

Ride comfort mainly comes with CBZ Xtreme and unicorn only. If u r willing to do extra fitting like 2-piece or 3 – piece handle bar, pulsar is best. People who really like toe shifting try out for Apache or CBZ.


This is where we Indians look greatly onto. Guys come on, this is a 150 cc segment , a power session from here and India is further developing onto higher cc segments, so from now onwards do not try to speak of mileage, but still I can give the mileage provided by the bikes

These mileages were tested by me only:
Petrol was poured up for Rs 20/- on the reserve point and drove till next reserve point, the speed was set for it and the average was found.

Pulsar: Best > 64 km/l UG3( drove not more than 45 km/hr and gear shifting was at 3500 rpm. Worst>33km/l (drove in drastic condition)

Apache: best > 57km/l worst> 28km/l

Unicorn: best > 67 km/l worst> 39km/l

Hunk: best 58km/l worst 37km/l

CBZ: best 66km/l worst 32km/l

Well, if u are very much concerned about mileage then I would recommend u to take over either pulsar, Unicorn or CBZ according to your height and riding condition.

Acceleration :

Apache is best in acceleration followed by CBZ Hunk, Pulsar and Unicorn

Ride Comfort :

Unicorn and CBZ tops in this category. Pulsar has a huge tank, a big bulge in front of you, well, there are guys who lost there defiantly male thing (am serious about it) by applying sudden breaks.

Maintenance :

Pulsar and Apache has good looks and latest Digital speed Console that is good, but in terms of cost if these had any damages u will suffer in it. The cost is high. Bajaj, TVS have higher cost maintenance than other bikes. Gearbox in Bajaj has got some problems, but those people has to tried to rectify it. Hero Honda which is good company has not got big equipments on HUNK and CBZ , so if there are any damages, you can easily repair it with low cost compared to others.


Well, all the bikes come around 63000- 68000 INR . After spending this much money u need to put petrol as well as maintain the bike too.

So who is the winner?

Hero Honda CBZ XTreme > Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi > Apache RTR > Honda Unicorn > Hero Honda Hunk

This is my judgment and opinion as i have drove all the bikes except Hunk. I would recommend u people to go for CBZ if you are tall, want mileage and value for your money.

Note: This post was submitted by one of the visitor at speedmasti. Thanks Prakash for a nice review.

Come 2014 and we have lot of new muscle street bikes with better looks and worthy of 150 cc crown. Let us find out which is better of them –

Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer
It is the 1st motorcycle from Japanese maker that is made truly for India. Gixxer looks sporty, has loads of high end equipments and the engine is tuned as such to give best performance at low ends.

When it comes to looks this Suzuki’s bike looks much better that any other 150cc bike in India. Just look at its grab bars in the back. That is called a great design. The stylish 6 spoke rims looks great and very modern. The headlights are bright and all the digital equipments are nicely placed. There is a warning beep when the rider exceeds revs at any particular gear which could be very handy. Tank looks masculine and gives good thigh grip while riding the bike. There is an optional bigger mud guard which could be detached after rainy season with smaller and sleek version of the same. The exhaust canister has dual outlets with chrome accents.

The bike is fitted with SOHC air cooled 4-stroke 150cc engine. It gives out 14.6 BHP of power at 8000rpm and peak torque of 1.3kgm. It reaches 0-60kmph in just 5.61 seconds. The true top speed for the bike is 116kph.

The overall mileage is around 42.9kmpl which might not be great but if you are going to buy it you might not be buying it for its mileage. Right!

Price: Rs. 72.199 (ex-showroom Delhi)



  1. all are simply a shit………the perfomance mentioned about cbz xtreme are wrong it will never clock more than 115 km ….it come with the least stability(look tyre width) an out dated engine that was thrown from unicorn

  2. I am gonna buy the new CBZ Xtreme with ATFT.. I really liked it when I Test drove it!! I heard that mileage in CBZ Xtreme is not as gud as other 150cc bikes… Is this true guys?

  3. Thanks a lot.I will surely go for CBZ xtreme.It is overall best for everybody having there height is more than 5’10.Service of Hero honda is cheapest ,best and available everywhere in India.

  4. I own CBZ Xtreme for last 1.5 years and have completed 17,300 kms till date, this bike is awesome. Initially the gear mechanism was hard after Ist service the bike is damn smooth and in B’lore city traffic it fetches about 44-47 kmpl that too with ripping speed. The quality of the bike is very good, no problem at all, only oil change till date, hh service is also OK.
    Unicorn comfort is good only for two bodies, if ridden alone ride is too hard. Honda spare parts are cheaper than HH, but HH service spread is simply great, within 2 kms radius I have option of 7 HH service station.
    Max. speed indicated on speedo wa b/w 120 and 130, but no idea about true speed, the bike handling is the main USP and 50 to 90 kmph it simply rushes and engine responds very well.
    Buy Xtreme, you don’t loose for sure !!

  5. hey i drine all of these bike i found that cbz was powerfull bike,but when it comes to maintaince unicorn is best. i am driving unicorn right now i drove it 12000km in 10 months but it does not require any maintaince i cjust change oil. and i reach the top sped of 125km.


    • I think NAVEEN is in some other world no 150 cc bike has ever crossed 140 and remember all this is not bullshit Yamaha is not a success story in INDIA and never will be FZ and FS are rarely seen when compared with the likes of pulsar,unicorn and cbz so they r opted out.

  7. i been drivin UNicorn since last two months. i drive rude and belive me Unicorn neva let me down.
    the mileage stands gud,maintainance stands tooo low,acceleration is kinda ok, i mean,quite lesser than other normal 150 bikes, but still is gud.
    just a simple and a hard Honda engine(
    i fell in love wth this engine belive me)
    ,but goes without much noise.
    ride comfort is gud.u surely wud get better riding comf in other 150 bikes…but, Unicorn is still gud

    as of me,Unicorn is a tougher gud mileage,even wth rude driving and drills quite a small hole to ur wallet,compared to other bikes.

    though ppl sometymes say it’s a commuter’s bike,it’s still kinda okay….

  8. i thnk all this is bullsit … bikes like yamaha R15&FZ16 are not evn included.
    an i don think CBZ extreme can go more then 110.

    • Abhi, have u ever rode CBZ and if yes then u might have not even crossed 50 mark speed,i rode and touched 120.

  9. I have tested all of them & I cannot stop myself from saying that Unicorn wins the race ….it gives u everything that u require from your bike ie.Comfort,Mileage,Low cost maintenance….though it falls back a bit if go for looks…but other than that its d best option to choose…

    I LIKE IT …………….

  11. hey…in new cbz extreme.wid red rear alloys….with atft technology…..wat is its cost??nd wat is its mileage???plzzz

    i m going 2 buy

    nd do ne1 have ne idea…??if HH is goin 2 launch ne new bike???


    I AM GURU.




  13. Rajeev Jethwani on

    Sorry for the mistake

    I am going to buy a 150CC bike and your this knowledge will give me a great help to get a perfect bike.


  14. I read the above content……..honestly……after a lot of hectic serve I went for Unicorn….Guyz, I liked this bike a lot it’s a Black color beauty(looks a lot like Hunk)…..I do consider ‘Comfort’ to be number one priority while purchasing any two/four vehicle.Unicorn not only fits in this but also give a touch to your personality(CBZ has too much of youth style in it…..Apache looks more sporty)….But this gives a feeling of Royalty…..believe me…you all should have a test ride of it before going for any other bike…..

  15. I have driven CBZ xtreme..
    Gr8 bike..
    was just li’ll concerned about the average..
    is it less than most of the other 150 cc engines??

  16. Dudes, i own the CBZ Xtreme since past 2 years. Have taken my bike 4 long rides & have raced against others in its class. Top speed – 120km/hr, maintainance – low, average – 45 to 50/ltr. Its a good bike to have, value 4 money.
    If u want to race with this one, the bike just takes off. 0 – 60 in 4 secs with smooth gear shifts & swirls thru easily.
    Bottom line – Go 4 it dudes, its awesome.

  17. First of all, How many people ride more than 70km/hr in our country? The assessment is based on short stint where you felt the power of the bike. I have read too many reviews about Unicorn which is well known for its quietness. The speed, Power or torque cannot be measured by usual riders..If I had to buy one bike in India then I would certainly buy something which gives reasonable Gas mileage and have good resale value so that I can upgrade my bike for every 2 years.

  18. hiiiiii frnds
    i m very glad 2 this site
    this site had given me a lot knowledge abt bikes
    well, i know pulsar is very common now but is gud
    and i dnt wanna take common bikes,
    so wat can i do?
    i just want hunk ,,,,even knowing that is not much gud
    now i m buying it coz i have a lot interest in that…..
    but 4 others i must say that dnt reject cbz and unicorn
    just buy it
    it’s the besttttttt

  19. hii guyz i have bought pulsar 150 last year the bike is gud bt not v gud ,now recently i purchased a bullet for me bt i hav done some secret with my pulsar 150 i have make some changes in its engine with the help of my mechanic , i use it as a racing bike now its average gone down to 12km/L bt u dun beleive dat its accleration is so high now dat even pulsar 200 cant catch it , it reaches frm 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds, this a big secret

  20. It’s a nice article. From last five years I have a Pulsar 150 when it’s comes with a round headlight. It’s never gave me any major problem. I have changed the battery 2 times in this between. I have changed(original) only one time it’s clutch plate, but sorry to say the quality of the plates has the hale and haven difference with it’s first clutch plate with which it’s came from company. It’s covered 67,000kms in these years, but still the engine is smooth. It’s never refused to go first from all other bikes in the crossing if I asked to him( it’s a boy)some times. It’s giving me 54km/L till this date. I have modified it little with original Gas Shockers and new wolf eyed visor. I have driven the Xtream and Unicorn also. Those are really good bike but never start running like my pulsar from the traffic signal. In heavy rainy season it’s never loose it’s stability on road even in 60-70km/hr seed. I have driven it last 110km/hr(seedo read), but that time also he never loose his balance. In case of new pulsar I never feel this, because bajaj has made it lighter weigh than the before.
    I think Xtream and Unicorn is the best choice for the bikers who really know the bike. Other hand Yamaha FZ also has very well balanced and contemporary look, but I am not sure about it’s mileage. R15 is overpriced and good for nothing in my opinion. Being a graphic Designer I can say it’s a disproportionate bike. Please think about it’s tyre size. indicator size, rare mudguard, tail lamp and shape also not impressive. The price of spare parts also high. Most of all R15 and FZ has no kick start option, so think if battery will be down or inactive what you will do with those machines:). Mileage of R15 is 25-30km/L, think about the per km running cost. Most of all if I will go for R15 then why not for HH Karizma or Pulsar220,because in respect of all R15 is not better the these two, so I can say it’s not the milk(not R1) it’s the lassi:)… Now you think how you will utilize your money…

    • saswata Chakraborty on

      Dont compare R15 with shitty hero or Bajaj product…And moreover, who told you R15 is overpriced. First go and make a bike of this quality with less price and then talk. Just because Karizma and Pulsar have more powerful engine doesn’t mean they match R15. If you know the quality of material used in R15, the handling and braking, then you wouldn’t have even compared R15 with any other 150cc bikes. You guys only know one thing. Spinning the throttle and racing with every bikes in the street and make everyone’s life miserable. First go and ride a R15 and then talk. People who pays 1.3lacs for a 150cc bike are not dumbass! People who doesn’t have money to buy an R15 and jealous of R15 owners talk craps about the king of the road.

  21. Hey guys , right now i own a pulsar 150 .

    For :-
    Style , looks and pick up.
    Against :-
    Engine noise , Hard braking , Lots of repair done .
    Recently I drove a unicorn & i was just amazed at its performance . Although simple looks and less pick up but best ride quality , mileage and rear suspension.
    My advise :-
    If you are living in big cities and want a 150 cc bike for at least 3-4 years go for unicorn .
    If you a rash driver and change bikes every year or two go for Pulsar or Apache( more pick up but smaller bike )
    For small town guys go for Hero Honda .


  23. thanks for providing all info and clearing doubts .
    all the info are almost correct , but i think an updation is needed
    including yamaha fz 16 & R15 .

  24. with these comments i have choose to get unicorn bike bcoz i have rode ug3pulsar its more noise but smooth in riding for just half-hour wen u take it from rest then its quite hard to ride

  25. Yamaha FZ16.truely has some has tube less tiresbut it costs 10,000 more than other 1500cc bikes like pulsar150,hunk,cbz,why this is so?

  26. Good work… After goin through all those test tide sites, this is where i got the real opinion of guys who have used the bike for sometime…

    Of all the bikes (150 CC), i think Unicorn is the best. But personally, I wud go for CBZ or Hunk (adds some extra bit of spice to biking.)

  27. asis roy cowdhury on

    i am use UNICORN last 3 year’s. it’s a best machine in the bike world . excellent balanced i seen forever. buy UNICORN only. after use you never used other bike.

  28. i think apache is the best becoz the looks of this bike is very good compare to others.and the top speed of cbz is not more than 115.

  29. hey all
    i wana say is that unicon is bst man just 4 these reason
    1. matainence
    2. average
    3. ok looks
    4. ok power

    last but not the least on road grip.

    rest all best are also gu i have driven then all but a bike is sumwhat once or twice in life. so should all points in mind.

  30. Poor Guys!!! I always prefer Apache RTR for rocking speed and performance. When it comes to a combination of mileage added to it, Pulsar rules!!!

    CBZ Xtreme is the only bike that i respect in HH more than Karizma. for its speed and performance slightly better than pulsar but not the best.

    Unicorn is a smooth and gentle guy and don’t compare him with rogues.

  31. Come’on man: this guy is comparing Pulsar & cbz with unicorn, Huh
    I dont want to comment on the apache and hunk but these 2 bike pulsar and cbz are the junkie, pulsar:: sucks in mileage, Inferior spare parts and noisy engine
    CBZ:: every 3rd person is complaining about the engine leakage here.

    Unicorn has the best riding comfort i ever feel in the 150 cc bike::




    MY HEIGHT IS 5.8

  34. hey there..i had tested all the above 150cc machines but found cbz xtreme best in maximum aspects.its comfortable than any other 150cc bike.but yah ofcourse mileage depends the way how u ride…so cbz takes the driver seat in this,no doubts.

  35. hai!iam very glad to post my comments ,i love bike very munch & iam crazy about bikes form my childhood, now iam 28 years old ,i drived many bike (KB-125cc,yamaha-135,Tvs-fiero F2,Bajaj-pulsar150cc,Bajaj-eleminator,hero honda cbz ) But i Bought my own bike on 24 th november 2006 HONDA UNICORN now it reaches 36100KM with out any problem ,iam very well satisfied with the bike performance mailage & maintance, till date i just change only the engine oil around 2500 – 3000km ,my bike reach top seed 120km with out any struggle in engine ,i even race with hero honda karishma 225cc & bajaj pulsar 220cc in city, My UNICORN goes first till the speed of 100km ,after that these bikes overtake my HONDA unicorn .Top of my HONDA UNICORN with pinion is 115km/hr.I LOVE MY HONDA UNICORN it is not ony the bike, it is one of our family member.I feel some thing great & prestiges with my HONDA UNICORN “Power Of The Dream”

  36. in 150cc category bajaj pulsar is the best… i have tested cbz xtreme, unicorn, apache,hunk also. but pulser is best of them. but it seriously matters every person can’t drive it more than 110km/h. i can reach 125km/h smoothly. i am riding this bike for 3 years continiously.

    MAY BE 150 , 180 , 200 , OR 220 DOSEN’T MATTER



  39. guys i have an bullet std 350 and apache rtr 160 fi
    i think these are best b’coz bullet is so strong and powerfull than any other bike and the speed of buulet reches after tuning of engine near about 145-155 kmph and top speed of apache is near about 130 kmph

  40. The news that mahindra has taken over kinetic is buzzing all around,
    they are coming up with these power scooters, all these other scooters like scooty pepp, nova, aviator looks very feminine,
    these scooters are much more powerful and mature in looks,
    A very bold step by mahindra
    I checked them out on

  41. dear all pulsar lovers,

    i just wanna say that dont try to avoid the main issue……in case of bikes looks are the temporary thing……i have my cbz-X for the last 2yrs…..i am a very rude biker….but till today…no pulsar 150/180 had the chance to overtake me…besides its the most stable, stylish & powerful bike in the segment…..

    even in the traffic signal…the bikers sitting on their pulsar…often give me a jealous look……

    so cbz its jst superb…..& very soon it willl make the three-wheeler maker…out of businesss….& pulsarians…beaware of the definitely male thing…coz..the petrol tank design is really dangerous……

    Hail cbz X….

  42. all bikes are good but apache is best in milege and , speed and other fitures so i like apache and also cbz are good in fitures but not good in looks and friends you like hunk’s ride on dusty and rouf road

  43. i read all comments.. i rode almost all these bikes.. i cme to the point that HERO HONDA HUNK and UNICORN is best.. it has longlife, comfortable smooth and silent driving.. pulsar suxx.. pulsar requires mre expense on maintenance.. its noisy…fz-apache etc cant cmpete the HUNK

  44. heyyyy guys….pulsar 150 requires high maintainance but its really superb in riding…many of my frnds hav cbz,hunk,unicorn,apache but wen it comes to racing pulsar stoods 1st…try it

  45. Hi guys
    I m having Apache 150 since Nov 2006………..
    Its poweful bike can beat all bike but not unicorn…….
    It give average of 55 kmpl on driving 80kmph everyday……..
    and its tuchs top speed 110kmph………..

    Its not just a bike its my girlfriend………

  46. read the abv 57 comments. my conclusion -unicorn is for mature men who are concerned about money, legal speed, daily commuting . . . .

  47. i am an extreme rough rider and frankly speaking for extremer cbz extreme will beat all, it reached 128kmph without a single shake and it camed 0 to 60kmph in 4secs .
    honestly, cbz ghya ani chya maiyla pangvat raha kahi ghotala jhala tar bola.

  48. hey man cbz xteeme rules
    yamaha r15 cost more than a lakh
    and rtr is nt a 150cc bike
    so all u guys who own these machines better put ur arse aside
    dis 4 all d pulsar maniacs out der
    ur p150 is a fuckd up motorcycle

    so shut up n
    let ur bike do d talkin

    wanna race

  49. How can this writer justify the mileage of HUNK, he has not driven it yet.silly thing is HUNK and CBZ share the same engine, but there is a mileage difference of 8 km-pl between the is this possible? Handling and design never effect the mileage this much!!! Also APACHE has more (15.2) BHP than any other of these bikes, it is yet returning 57 compared to the 14.2 BHP CBZ returning 66 km-pl!!!!!!!!!!! Funny review! He is partial towards CBZ xtreme, dats all!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Man, dynamics matter… Else none of the companies would fork out a bloody fortune for any vehicle.

      A lot many factors play a crucial role.


  50. Hi,I have used Pulsar150,Discover 135,HH Hunk,LML freedom,HH Splendor,Yamaha RX-100,etc.I am a bike lover since my childhood, Among the bikes I have driven till date Yamaha RX-100 is the best bike as per my opinion,but it is not in 150cc Segment.
    I think among the new 150cc bikes CBZ-Extreme is the best because of its service availability,mileage,spare availability, riding comfort and by-colour new look also,The only bad thing in this bike is HH did not made any change in its Visor,its the same old Visor.
    But Unicorn is the good choice for long run and durability,engine performance,nice look ,riding comfort,etc.But it lacks service availability as most of the road-side bike mechanic do not know much about this bikes engine and other parts also.
    Pulasr is not for long run, it is good for first 20000km – 25000km only,after this stage each pulsar owner have to visit service centre very frequently .Milage will drop down and engine will start abnormal friction sound which is really irritating.
    Apache 150 is not at all a comparable bike with the above bikes.It should not be compared as a good bike as per my opinion and as per the riders with whom I had a talk regarding their Apache.But style is OK with this one.

    Last of all I will buy a YAMAHA RX-100 if I get one in good condition…Its just maintenance free bike ,only those who have ever used this bike know the reason,it is capable to overtake any new bike in short distance with its awesome quick pickup 2-stroke engine.

  51. hiiii friends i am working with maruti suzuki company and interested in bikes also . i think thank in all 150 cc bikes pulsar is best because it provide lot of varities like 150 180 200 220 .in about 150 cc bikes in india it will cost about 65,000-69,000 . when u spend this much of money than why didnt go for pulsar 180 it cost is same as all other 150 cc bikes and u all know pulsar 180 has grt in all features and top speed other than hunk cbz unicorn and etc i know some of my friend think why we didnt go for apache 180 i would like to said that tvs company is not good for engine quality and good maintance . i would like to give my vote to pulsar .but always make choice of urs i thing i want to tell that every boy give good comment to unicorn but when he go for buy it always prefer pulsar and never go for comments some of comment was written by company members for making top to his bikes and pulsar is also best for modification it give best look for modification after using some time

  52. Honda Unicorn is the best bike in terms of quality. It gives the best riding comfort, best mileage and best engine. Engine is very smooth and stable – there is no vibration even at 110 km/hr. In the field of racing, Unicorn and yamaha models are the winners. The new Unicorn in black colour has great looks also. The only problem with Unicorn is that its initial pick-up is not good compared to other 150cc bikes. Unicorn starts like splendour and from third gear onwards, its a power train. It can overtake any bike. But the initial pick-up of Unicorn is customizable. You may need to adjust some 4 or 5 km on mileage if u customize it.

  53. Hi Guys,I have rode all those bikes and technology wise R15 leads bt it costs more than a according to this segment and indian roads its heavy on the pocket as it gives only around 30 mileage,so according to me
    cbz xtreme has awesome looks bt when compared to pulsar it falls a bit slow bt smoothness of the engine is superb for cbz,and i personally dont like hunk(sorry)
    and unicorn is good bt a bit old fashioned,very silent bt bt dazzler has got superb looks all around.
    if u wanna go for a 150cc category,go for

    fz16–>if concerned abt top notch acceleration,,bt its puny and might not suit the tall guys
    xtreme->well put together machine with best parts and lowest maintainance and has a bold lok
    pulsar –>if u r really concerned abt initial best performer bt it can cost u later
    rtr 180 -> does not fall in this category
    unicorn–>if u want to just cruise past the traffic and enjoy driving at moderate speeds with best mileage

  54. I have been checking all this comments in this and many other sites , i think CBZ extrem is a complete package of all features …. SO no second thought ….JUST go for it. Pulsar is waste , unicorn is good but lacks initial pick up, Apache is just nothing ……

  55. Guys,

    I own CBZ Xtreme 2008 model. Still it is giving good mileage (around 45kpl) in Chennai Traffic. Apart from Apache/R15, no 150CC bikes matching this in performance. It is giving best performance even in the top gear. I reached 130KPH in a highway.It can reach 0-60KPH in less than 5minutes. The best thing about this bike is handling and braking. It is awesome bike guys.. On top gear it is even outdoing pulsar180.

  56. Hi everybody,

    I read all the above comments & got the below conclusion

    For style & power go for Pulsar/CBZ

    For Style + accelaration go for RTR/CBZ

    For Milege & Look go for Pulsar/Hunk

    For comfort, maitenance & value go for Unicorn

    I vil go for Unicorn.

  57. iam purchasing a pulsar 150 cc is it good to have one ………iam still confused of its milleage plz guys tell me that machines exact mileage…

  58. hey guys, appache and pulsar have the wrost engines, i have driven all the bikes, cbz and hunk got high performances and low maintaince both clocks around 125 on strech roads…

  59. Hii for all the bike lovers,
    I think if u see the part of maintaining the bike,i will first suggest Honda Unicorn, Second CBZ Extreme, third Pulsar and etc.

    But If u want to buy now, you have to wait for 5 to 6 months for Honda Unicorn, Sub dealers are asking for price around 81 to 82 K and thats bullshit.

    If u cant wait better go for CBZ Extreme and it will cost u around 68k its a good deal, with the maintainance of bike all the parts of bike are available in the market at the good rate. smooth bike, good pickup, low maintainance, smart look, compared to other 150cc bikes, but don’t compare with unicorn. CBZ extreme is not a big compromise against Honda Unicorn.

  60. hiiiiii…….
    in the 150cc segment hero honda CBZ-x is the best in it’s segment in terms of speed & mentainance……i rode almost all these bikes…..i have tested cbz xtreme, unicorn, apache,hunk also. but CBZ-x is best of them.ONLY HERO HONDA GOT RE-VALUATION SO BETTER AND BEST ALWAYS HERO HONDA ..OTHER THEN ALL STUPID …ONLY GIVES U LOOK NO MILEAGE NOTHING …BETTER BUY HERO HONDA BIKES…..

  61. All are ch**ia bikes except unicorn.They have collaborated with any foreign company and they give them all the technology. Indian companies were not at all capable of producing any bike on their ownso they collaborated with JAPANESE companies.In the business section of a newspaper I read that honda is selling it’s 30 percent share of HERO HONDA and they have already their own motorcycle company runing under HONDA which is the parent company.So it’s my advice to go for a JAPANESE COMPANY who sells the best auto motors and are best known in the world for their cutting edge technology. One should go for UNICORN.

  62. I have used all the Bikes.. but nothing can beat Unicorn in many ways.. but defenitely Unicorn fails in itz looks… Its a kind of De-glamourized bike..

    So I think the Ranking should be reviewed as informations shouldnt be misleading…

    GoodLuck to all new Bike owners…

  63. guyz cbz xtreme nd hunk r the best………..according to my experience if u r muscular go for hunk … will suit u ….apache rtr has excellent handling .i own a cbz xtreme atft …awesome raw powerful bike………….

  64. got ma honda dazzler 150 cc segment bike… Reaches the top speed above 145km/h on a 15 km track but stood second , just behind Apache 160cc bike.

  65. I am driving unicorn for last five years. Best engine in 150 segment, less noise, Gud suspension, looks are gud, comfortable sitting, giving me average of 52 to 55km/ltr.

  66. hii,guyz I am driving Cbz Xtreme ATFT……It is Powerful…..PLz plz plz dont take R15 cauze it is not at all a good bike……and its cost is tooo high…..HH bikes have gerat resail values… go for Cbz Xtreme…..Take Care…..AND PLZ NEVER JUDGE A BIKE WITH ITS SPEED……


  67. I am definitely going for the TVS Apache RTR 160. A mixture of high power acceleration and stylish looks. My height also a little low, but speed is what I love. I test drove the R15 and the FZ-S, they looked shit in power. Unicorn, does not look very sporty, it is for the legal-speeders. CBZ X has low average also it looks little dumb. Went for Pulsar 150 DTSi but is too much in cost (69000) also looks like as if the salesman (Dinesh 9923208087) could not respect the client. Hunk, I really don’t know about it but it does look good.

  68. The review needs to be more clear and ethical. But i feel as if i am in a mechanic shop, talking to bullshit mechanic guys

  69. Rakesh Chander Kukreti on

    I have a Honda Unicorn since 2005 which has ran 80000 kms with little maintenance(changed chain twice inbetween), I am quite satisfied with it be it milage or driving comforts. I have zeroed on Unicorn Dazzler but hesitation is it
    does no have a kick installed. pls advice keeping my age in focus i turned 52 this augutst.

  70. Hi Everyone,

    I want to buy a Bike…
    Which one is Best one to Buy…
    Splendor Plus or Pulsar 150 DTSi or Unicorn or Apache 160…
    Send me ur valuable comments…
    Waiting for ur Reply


  71. friends i hv driven about all the indian muscular bikes but the fastest bike is tha kawasaki ninja250 it can be drived easily upto the speed of 150KMph it has a top speed of 170 on road. its really amazing bike for the racing & stunt shows.
    in 150 cc segment honda unicorne is the best in both matters of top speed & milage honda unicorne has a top speed of 115KMph and milage of 57KMpl.
    CBZ extreme is also a good bike but its milage is low about 48Kmpl. its top speed is also about 120kmph.
    Yamaha Fz16 has a top speed of 120Kmph & milage of 43Kmpl.
    pulsar 150cc– top speed 110kmph milage 55kmpl
    pulsar 180cc– top speed 120Kmph milage 50kmpl
    pulsar 200cc– top speed 125kmph milage 48kmpl
    pulsar220cc– top speed 135kmph milage 42kmpl

    suzuki GS150R top speed 115Kmph milage 55kmpl 6 gears

  72. Hi guys don’t confuse in taking bike go to honda show room and fetch CB UNICORN they giving five years warranty for engine no other company will give warranty for engine it really superb ya it is a honda product ya it gets high resale value when compare to other bikes if you are very strong and good height go for unicorn it is little over weight if you are average height then go for cbz no prob it is also a honda engine … The over weight of unicorn gives you nice balance when you apply a sudden break and when you driving alone also if you go fast means there will be no vibrations and it runs very smooth and pulzar and apache nice in look but fail in engine quality if you ride very fast it s totally un comfortable … So go for unicorn it is my idea

  73. all this is shit the best bike is in yammaha r15 and fazer both good in style speed pick up and even maintainence yammahha rocks

  74. Hiii,
    Gentle guys
    Just prefer 2 get a Honda Unicorn.
    Becoz, of its low maintanance, valuable cost, long life engine, good milage among 150cc bikes (constant)
    best for today petrol cost.
    Bike Nanbaeen da unicorn:-)

  75. guys i have driven pulsar ,apache rtr[160], fz,unicorn, cbz ext and hunk amongst them i found most powerful was hunk in terms of speed, gear shift and pickup i rode it on speed of 131 km/hr but mistake of meter it would be of 125-130km/hr and average it gives to one of my friend’s bike about 57km/l petrol

  76. abhishek mishra on

    Hi guys,
    I have honda unicorn since last 3 years.
    Now also it gives 55-60 kmpl.
    Its top speed that I had reached is 117 kmph.
    it is very smooth,soundless & less maintains.
    Its best bike in my view so go for it…..

  77. I have a CBZXtreme since 2007, done 35200km great bike;

    * Smooth & reliable engine
    * Solid build quality
    * Excellent handling and comfort
    * Crisp throttle response
    * Very good tourer
    * Smooth gearbox
    * Less maintenance

  78. Pretty old dated review. If I even keep R15 aside, still can’t imagine FZ is not on the list…
    Pulsar 150 was good till UG2, after that(UG3 & UG4) it got heavier & lost acceleration & Top speed.
    Unicorn was always good or above average in case of Top speed/Acceleration, but pretty good in Comfort & engine quality. But Unicorn Dazzler is faster one with same engine quality & Comfort.
    But, if you keep Mileage part aside & looking for best performance & Comfort, Yamaha FZ easily wins the race.
    I think reviewer kept FZ aside because he also knows that it can outlook others.

  79. Dont say “UNICORN”, it is “CB UNICORN”, and it is the best bike for the next 100 Years. Guarenteed! And who says it lacks pickups, and acceleration! Thats nonsense. Pulsar is all about noise and vibrations. Even discover is better than pulsar. But CB UNICORN is meant for speed,power,comfort,pickups, and milage. AND IT DOES NOT LOOK OLD AND CLASSIC. Good job honda, waiting 4 ur “CBR 250”

  80. hello 150cc lovers,
    i m automobile engineer
    and working with 150cc bykes more than 5 years,
    just Go for HONDA UNICORN because
    honda unicorn rules all over the world
    i use it it is excellent.
    experience the ultimate powerfull engine.

  81. Hey guyz i have hero honda hunk,its one of the best bike for his pickup and comfortable among other 150cc bikes.It has a very gud shockabsorber,so its possible to drive far away,u vil not get tired.But in Tvs Apache if u drive more than 30km u may get back pain i tested too.But hunk not like that.

  82. hai guys i booking byke for honda cb unicorn this did not confortable for me my hight 6.1 my body leen so send me soon this byke i buy r not.

  83. Hi Guys !!! I m going to purchase my first bike soon. I had gone through many sites for many days. After all I, came through a conclusion that, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is the best Bike. Pulsar makes much noise after 2 years of usage. Yamaha does not gives average and resale value. Hero Honda Hunk is almost similar to CBZ Xtreme but its Petrol tank is too large and made for Fibre Body. Hero Honda’s Service is best and available easily.


  84. but in 100 cc no one can beat splendor . i ride it 57 000 kms no other sound in engine , same comfort its dad of all the 100 cc bikes

  85. heyy guys
    I wanted to buy 150cc bike…I likes pulsar nd honda dazzler …my height is 5.5″……which bike should I buy?
    plss help me
    thanks in advance

  86. Thakur Rudra Pratap Singh Rathore on

    One thing that we all know that does’nt matter’s however powerfull the bike is… What really carries importance is the biker’s talent of riding. In my opinion i think it has the latest technology, lighted 2 peice handle, dual spark plug, exhaustec, superb sexy looks especially the silver and black combo, a animal like male sound, excellent pickup and comfort, and much more. These all are enough to make u look superior than other kids on the streets. I have bought the new ug4 150, poor milage but feels like car and runs a amazing 131kmph.

  87. Hello friends, Read carefully with my deepest research:
    I have HONDA Unicorn and driven more than 52000Km till the date
    My friend circle have all type of company’s 150CC bike which available in INDIAN MARKET
    Bajaj bike gives more maintenance and Noise pollution it’s not comfortable at long Distance riding, May be your hump will got extra pain!
    Bajaj have simple method like stolen of looks at the “International super bike design” please note its latest bike 220 look like DUCATI & its (all new models)Tell Light design copy from Aprilia Strange but True!!
    But TVS Apache gives us like DESEL Engine it’s throttle power and pickup not quicker as company says throttle is very poor of any apache bike even 160RTR model too,
    I had challenged my friend but his bike does not response as shown in Advertisements.
    Apache hade BULLET like firing of its silencer its mean that Noise pollution is very HIGH Produced, even the as worst of quality my city’s all showroom gone shut off!!!
    Gare Shifting is as smooth like cut a piece of butter with a knife of UNICORN but when You see its copy of CBZ & Hunk it’s very Hard
    HERO HONDA Have every 150CC model’s chases, Engine, Gare Box, Silencer and its base design is through (COPY of) Unicorn because Bajaj & Hero Honda Company gives us as like Pirated or copy pest items like. “CHINA MOBILE”
    In short after HONDA gone its own company HERO gives Royalty till the Date To Write HERO “HONDA” , HERO have to work hard to make bicycle not motorcycle because now a days people eyes are open and Look everything about the products .
    It’s all about our LUXURY & how we have to suffer to every things purchase.
    Think about my thought at where first, you have to buy any 150CC bike
    Because value of money and waste of money both are depend on your MIND !

  88. hey guys.
    unicorn is the overall best. but the only problem is if u book a new unicorn it takes minimum 3 months time.. the average is 3-6 months…
    so the next best option will be CBZ-Extreme..

  89. hey guys i have 4 bikes in my family tvs apache 160 bajaj pulsar 180,cbz 2011 latest and hunk.the best one is cbz 2011. the new model has changed whole texture of d cbz x terms in terms of pick up cbz is way ahead than d 3 even as compared with r15 it wins.2011 model is total sporty high comfort good digital console better air scoops cbz star stickers distinct mudguard.apache is not doing well used to create probllem in ignition.everything is there in 2011 cbz model just check it.pulsar has also.uniqueness in terms of top acceleration cbz and pulsar r same.

  90. heyy i m goin 2 purchase a bike 1n 150 segmnt…
    i m a student so i need avg also ….
    wch bike is best 4 me…???????
    pls reply me soonnnn

  91. Cbz X-treme is best bike nw, it had disk brakes in both front and back, it has good style

    but….THE height and weight is the bad factor

  92. First of all, let me thank all of you….I have read 102 comments or opinions…Really informative….I wanted to buy a the best Bike…Finally decided to buy Honda CB Unicorn….which will enhance my personal and professional life…I will have a good image in my society……….

  93. hiii

    i own my cbz xtreme 2010 for 6 months

    i was hesitated to ride it but after riding pulser and apache

    i liked my cbz only,.it reached a top spped of 123 km,..

    it never droped a milage below 45

    i really loved it,…but doing stunts on cbz is some risky coz heavy weight ,.

    it noises also low ,..

    best option is cbz xtreme

    now new cbz xtreme 2011 bike was lokking ugly

    no stylish than old xtreme , really sucks,..

  94. Hi,
    I had tested all the 150cc bikes in India except Suzuki GS 150R. Here why dont u include Yamaha FZ-16 and R-15?
    With my riding experience its very difficult to chose the best 150 cc bike. It may varies as diffrent in different catogories.
    Here you mentioned as CBZ Xtreme is best.. but I dont think so.. its good thats all.. According to me the old CBZ (1999) is will stands in 1st position especially its power, great pickup, stability, style and more..
    Those are almost came to Hunk, but not in Xtereme
    If we chose for good riding comfort and handling, FZ and Hunk is better.
    And for power and pickup R15, Fz and Hunk is better.
    And for fuel efficiency pulsar, Apache,Unicorn is best.
    For low maintenance Unicorn, Hunk and Xtreme wiil be in top.
    For a Brand image Unicorn, Hunk and Xtreme is better, Bajaj nd TVS will be in end of the list.
    Looking for top speed, R15 reaches 135kmph,FZ,FZS,Fazer,Hunk 125-130,Old CBZ* 120-125, GS150R 120,RTR160R,Xtreme- 115-120 Pulsar150cc 110-115.
    Allover the new 150cc bikes Hunk, Unicorn, and FZ-16 will share the top ranks.

  95. Hi guys i stil own 2001 cbz mileage is 45km/l but its simply owsome,its stylish too,,and can be modified ,,,gear shift and power is very nice and smooth,,,,,its my personal opinion guys,,,try it if u dint,,,

  96. Hey frnds,, stop thinking. Go n grab a cbz extreme. M having it since 1.5 years…n those who r saying that it cant clock 125km/hr better they 1st ride it n say
    bst bike till nw low maintainance, gud pick up, n men look
    cbz extreme suxxx.

  97. The only bike which has been dominating indian road nearly over a decade is BAJAJ PULSER 150. i am a big fan of BAJAJ and TVS as their product is made for masses and they never overprice us like YAMAHA and HONDA. i am planning to buy recently launched BAJAJ PULSER 220 NS and hope this model of BAJAJ will blow off YAMAHAs worthless overpriced model R15 for good from indian bike market.

  98. hi frnds
    I have 4 bikes
    Tvs Apache rtr 160cc
    Bajaj pulser 150cc
    Bajaj discover 150cc
    Yamaha fz fazer
    I ride all of them
    According to me in case of performance the best is discover>apache>pulsar>fz
    But i like apache 4 its look
    Then fz then pulsar and at last discover
    But discover is best.i ride always above 150 never let me down

  99. If u r looking for style then Passion Pro is best.
    If u r looking for mileage then CD-Dlx is best
    If u r looking for power then CBZ X is best.
    If u r looking for road king then hunk is best.
    If u r looking for look then glamour is best.
    If u r looking for everything then Splender is best.
    If u r looking for Brand then Hero Honda is best.

    Finally HH made all type of products which are actual needed for all type of Indian people, where as other companies are making only one or two type of products other wise so many products on a same category.

  100. vishal narayan on

    I own a Honda Unicorn 2009 the best bike i have ever ride.
    It gives me a excellent average of 61.5km/pl in city riding and on high way it returns me around 68.9km/pl which is 70km/pl. I ride my bike at the speed of not more than 45.
    If a buy another bike i’ll go for Thinderbird(Royal enfield.)

  101. I guys if you go to take a advise you will get free advice in india just think wt you want in all bike there will be a drawback if u need one thing you need to leave another in that case i prefer Honda UNICORN the BOSS of 150CC bike its a legend but low in look as i told about loosing one thing if u feel to be safe in all things you can go for it and if you remove the mirrors it will look great an just u need to know how to make a bike stylish thats it rather than that unicorn is the best Jai HONDA UNICORN

  102. Lokendra Thakur on

    hi guy’s
    IF u r looking for 150 cc bike,go blindly for unicorn
    bcz of its comfort for long riding, low maintenance,and its a gentlemen bike
    if u r looking for good looking with comfort go for cbz xtream .

  103. I have been riding hero hunk for last2 years it can crose comes smoothly to 115 it have comfort style and power.if you add power filter to it hunk become beast and super sound

  104. i m using honda cb unicorn from 4 months and seoriusly its dam good bike … and when it on standby it look like tiger and other bikes will hidind after him … and comfort ,silenceness,milage and trust of honda = CB UNICORN

  105. hi friends my suggestion go for unicorn if you ride your bike below 80 km\hr and they also give long life to your bike…
    If u enjoy riding on top speeds there is no need to think about mileage u can go to any 150 cc bike … 1. Pulsar 2. Xtream 3. Apache

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