Yamaha Motor to launch 150cc & 180cc Bikes in India


Tough road ahead for Bajaj Auto which has so far enjoyed the number one spot with its Pulsar bikes in the premium bike segment as Yamaha Motor India is all set to launch their 150cc and the 180cc bikes sometime next year. The prices for the bikes will fall under the same bracket as of the market leader – 50,000 to Rs. 60,000.

Yamaha’s 150cc bike will be first to be launched followed by 180cc which will run on roads by May-June next year. The bikes will be produced in company’s plant in Faridabad and Surajpur(UP). This premium bike will for sure give tough time to Pulsar, Hero Honda’s Achiever CBZ and Unicorn.

Present Yamaha bikes include Gladiator, Libero, G5 and Crux which are in range between 110cc to 125cc. This bike launch will enable Yamaha India to strengthen its brand name. Yamaha India’s brand took a nose dive after the demise of its popular 100cc 2 stroke bike which the company wants to restore with the launch of its new premium models.



  1. Is there any definite idea when yamaha is going to launch it’s 150 cc and 180 cc bikes. So far neither the dealers nor the magazines are giving any clear indication.

  2. Hi ,
    Iam Raja from Bangalore-India,Crazy for Yamaha Bikes and Trust them the Most and can you publish Yamaha’s 150 CC and 180CC bikes Picture/Poster in any Magazine.Iam badly awaiting its launch too and before which I could see them thru Magazines for now.

  3. i think yamaha bikes are not now a days good
    they dont know to how to design a good bike
    now proper team for designing
    what to do spoilig the company name

  4. Theis bike is looking so good and differant to other bike.
    it is so sexe look.
    iwas rialy like to get thes bike.
    i will say to yamaha you are so good and differant company in india pleac lonch this bikes in india.
    from:- maharstra,aurangabad

  5. Only YAMAHA knows better how to design a good bike!
    It had always given ‘light in weight’ bikes and uncontrolled power to their engines

  6. I am using Yamaha Gladiator from past 4 months and so far i moved 6000km on my bike.
    I am feeling very bad on my decision to go for Yamaha bike.
    I never felt happy with my bike except better looks. Bad mileage, bad noise, heating up very quickly, very bad CRM.

  7. i think yamaha has to work upon the design of the bike,, specially lights,,, also, they can relaunch bikes like RXZ whith same looks and same power of 135 cc, i think it will definitely click, and also they should try to keep their bike away from fleshy designs, there should not be much use of plastic parts, it should be kept compact, and above all performace especially the pickup should be good at any CC label.

  8. Today Yamaha not solving problems for crux/libero-g5 and gladiator then i believe that they dont have rights to launch 150 -180CC in Indian market.If yamaha having good Engineers then for future days yamaha is the only NO-1 brand in Indian Market.

  9. When exactly can we expect these Motors around. i currently own a Yamaha YBX – 1998. after 9 years the bike is still a pleasure to ride. its really crisp and beats all in its class.

    Yamaha people really can give the best and to the mark if they do not make the mistake on the designs this time.

  10. i think yamaha would (RElaunch) RD 350 because .it is a very powerful bike and it is very good bike and simple all young generation is looking for this bike and its power if u launch it surely u will get the good response eiter i also like it. please reply im waiting for reply yamha have good performance and good engine life.

  11. no power , no pickup, engine problem , spare parts not available i am telling u because i had a yamaha phazer and i faced all problems like these , i think this is a china item juse use and throw

  12. Thanks for reconsidering the ENGINE POWER OPTION WITH MODERN LOOK, Its Yamaha RD350, RX135, RXZ , YBX that were in the market long time back and still being used by customers. I am sure they will definitely turn up, I ll definitely purchase the 180 cc or 250 cc bike of indian market. Thanks..

  13. Yes, Yamaha is launching its 150cc bike YAMAHA R15 in JUNE all over India.Its price is Rs. 800000 (exclusive of all taxes)

  14. when its cumming i asked the showroom they r telling no information yet till now not even posters too bad ………

  15. If yamaha launched R15 in Indian market then I sure that the yamaha become a no. 1 company in India and for Indian bikers we really glad to ride with this bike thanks to yamaha its a great bike for Indians we are just waiting for this bike.

  16. Gajanan Wagh on

    currently Yamaha launched R15 in the market. I like that a lot but if you can look the tyre, they are so small for sport bike. If you are launching a sport bike, then you should provide a big tyre. That bike seem like to be modified. SO please look at this matter and take any action for that. All of my friends are want to buy that bike, but only due to small tyre they all are refused.

  17. luks stunnin, fr a 150 cc bike 22 BHP is gr8,Yamaha is back at what it is gud at, creating powerful engines, little more thought to be put on the pricing, cause 1,05,000 INR for a 150 CC nt wrth.

  18. hi i m sachin can u just tell me the price of R15, n yamaha is to launch a 150cc bike in 2008 near diwali, i hv read the article in the auto car magzine, can u just mail me all the information i hv asked on my email id.
    I liked the new launch R15

  19. Hi am prasadyadav can u pls share abt Yamaha FZ 150 pros and cons as am planning to buy this bike and also price of this bike on road…..

    Thanx in Advance


  20. see thing is r15 is a gud bike thing is tyres are small initial power is gud later on 6th gear losses power an pulsar starts beatin r15 only initial power is gud later on pulsar beats an if the bike falls u hav to keep 15000 for replace of doom an evn mag wheel is so thin i felt its not sturdy.be careful of two piece handle it may break in high speed break an back indicators are so small an price is not so worthy its very high invest another 75000 ul get a kinetic kombat a sports bike hope am true!!!

  21. hello
    i wnt 2 know the exact on road price of FZ 16.One more thing i want 2 tell u that plz keep on maintaining these type of various model,so that one can choose,and one more thing that the price should be with in the reach of a middle class person.because tata is already announced nano with in 1 to2 lakh,then why should one go 4 these.

  22. hi i ad boked yamaha fz16 153 cc bikes is really god desgn and it wil gie a rcking erformace in idian market.is yamaha planning to bring fz in higher cc please let me ow

  23. hi i had booked yamaha fz16 153 cc bikes is really good designed and it wil give a rocking performace in idian market.is yamaha planning to bring fz in higher cc please let me now

  24. What Happened to the Fazer 250 Bro ???

    When Is That Coming … I Ain’t buying another bike Until Then … I’d Feel Terrible if I have to buy another Bike then the Fazer 250 … I’ve Liked the Bike eversince it was Featured in the Bike Magazine 2 years back … What’s Taking So Long … ???

    Please … Please Do Something … If Not the Fazer … Please Launch the XJR400 Series atleaset … You have a better market against the R1 or MT-01 … Trust Me … I Loved the bike for it’s Performance …

  25. Yahama company iz good but now a days i think they have not good engineers,when they give power,speed,look etc. so they are not give average. Now a days people(customer)wants speed,look as well as average also…
    so try to manufacture all qualities what the customer want…
    do proper servey of market,and prepare bikes according to the market…
    Good luck

  26. sukhbir verma on

    dis days yamaha is providing good mileage also,if u wil go through 150 cc engine den i dot think dat der is any bike of mileage 60..yamaha crux,libero,r-x100 all bikes are doing well according to der engine capacity,dis days m using r-15 n finding not any problem regarding mileage…every bike requires proper maintenance n service time to time if u want to maintain bike mileage..

  27. i like yamaha R15,But the price of that bike is very high.afordable price is very huge.so i hope the upcoming bikes will rock on the street .BUT DON’T PLAY WITH PULSER Because its so “HOT”

  28. i m kabeer crazy about yamaha. i think its time to rule the india cause yamaha launches his latest fazer 150cc dynamic look, 14 bhp power , and a good milage. i think this bike is diffrent from other indian bike , it is all what people wants. shroom price is 76600/- so go get ur power in ur hand.

  29. yamaha is best company ever in motor cycle but this is true that many other company is having the capability to beat that challenge so if possible yamaha has to luk for 200 of 250 engine
    because there is lots of craze about 200 and 250 engine but the average will also have to be there so it can beat other company
    thanks for my reading my comments
    fan of yamaha bikes

  30. hi am puneeth frm b’lore i was really crazed for yamha R15 but am looking for R15 in 180cc thanks for yamha but price is very high for 1 lakh TATA NANO is launching

  31. Fazer is very bad ….low power ,, high price….only have some sporty look which is not enough ..So I suggest every body to not to purchase this …purchase a “APACHE 160 rear disc” it has 15.2 bhp,, 65000 cost,,125+ top speed..0-60 in 4.8 sec ….what u need ,,

  32. Vishal Tanaji Wadekar on

    i like yamaha bikes but i cant purchase it now because my money problems but i will purchase any yamaha bike in my life

    i will do it

  33. Hi,
    I am crazy about yamaha.I have yamaha RX-135 these yamaha bikes are ultimate and no one can beat yamaha.The only problem with yamaha is mileage and the advantage is great pick up…………….

  34. hey,
    At last yamaha has made its feet back on indian streets wid FZ series as well as the R-15…..the bike of the year 2009 was also awarded to FZ-16

  35. I’ve got new Yamaha fz 16. Tell me what is the best way or servicing the byk to keep smooth for ever. And tell the best service center of Yamaha bike in Bangalore.

  36. There is no mileage………… tats the only problem, otherwise the bike is amazing in pick up and its models. Yamaha should launch more 150 cc and 200 cc range of vehicles….. Yamaha doing a great job in bikes…………

  37. faiyazkalyankar on

    i would like yamaha to relaunch range RD 350 because of so powerful bike agresive look and machoo bike good pikup lifeloung so that yamaha can compete with honda



  39. Even it may take some weak’s to read all those suggestion’s over here. this shows how much we guys love the brand yamaha and my words are, we need the bike of your by 150Cc nd above 25 bhp nd above a mileage of 35 nd maximum non fiber parts nd sharp nd smart looking structure wit a definite pricing below 1,10,000 Ha if this happens than i ll be the 1person to book it….. hay we guys where waiting for you to rock the city roads

  40. i got an fazer red iuts so sexy guys no one cant beet my bike which now too goes in 146 in 5th gear , yamaha rocks , no other bike can beat yamaha all other brand r bull ……… man my life ma bike

  41. am hardly expecting 180 or 200 cc yamaha fz again……. that bike need the cc…..
    let him live as the monster!!!

  42. I am pissed off by the same kind of looks that the yamaha sports bikes are coming with. yamaha has always been known by its raw powerful engines, so i don’t understand the need of designing the bikes like stupid toys.the company should concentrate on technical specifications rather than wasting time on the designs.

  43. hi i wish two stroke bikes again enter indian market.i am missing 2 stroke bikes.
    i have changed seven 4 stroke bikes after my yamaha rx 100. but non compared to the power of yamaha rx 100. i feel so bad and miserable . 2 stroke bikes disappeared due to environmental damage they caused due to high emissions. but suppose we invent a technology that leads to lower emissions in 2 strokes. wow. that would be just great. really 4 strokers are not good .

  44. Its Great to hear.i am raj from kerala will going to buy bike this year definitely looking for a different style.i know yamaha keeps our expectation.

  45. i have yamaha fz . but hoping a another boom in bikes by yamaha .. i only love yamaha bikes… its sounds crazy….. we don’t care about average …. but we care about only yamaha …. i am a true biker and love to have a cruiser bike from you guyz ….. what about 500cc yamaha cruiser …think guyz …. so many lovers of cruiser yamaha ….. waiting ………………good luck

  46. do not cbz extreme single disc . i bought it . today i am helpless because in two years after 40,000 km . i have troubled by my bike shocks up of rear front ,clutch plate of every six month, after one year battery , self motor and last and least rear tyre slipped in horrible manner in water jammed road.

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