2009 Hyundai i10 Diesel


2009 Hyundai i10 Diesel is going to be the smallest diesel car in India. This car is going to be powered by 3 cylinder 1.1 litre CRDi engine. This car is expected by mid of 2009.

The new engine and transmission system for i10 diesel is manufactured at Hyundai’s Chennai plant. Hyundai i10 diesel is going to be another best seller car from Hyundai as Indians love diesel car and if that is a variant of hot selling i10 then nothing like it.

The car is expected in the mid of 2009 and will be priced at around 5.2 to 6.4 lakhs.



  1. Its good and expected, but should come bit early and the price should not be morethan Rs.50,000 difference to petrol variaant.

  2. Ha Ha Ha, thats going to be tough for hyundai, they should price it less that swift.
    Iam not sure, how maruthi is going to play their cards with the RITZ, they need to price it between A Star and Swift aswell !

  3. the price for diesel version is not competitive. people have much good options available in the same price range with better features.

  4. Hyundai i10 diesel car price is very high,at price maurti swift is better and spare parts are cheaper in swift compare to hyundai.

  5. The diesel I10 will be great.. But the prize is too high.. Hope that the company will compramise on that as well..

  6. Launching a I10 in diesal its very good, the price compare to maruthi is veryhigh, spare parts is very high. So, by this we can take Maruthi Swift its an economic cool car to all kind of people.

  7. well pricor is really high.but instead of this we could go for other cars like vista,swift which are more spacious than this.and i want to know the milage of this car

  8. i10 diesel cars are viewing to face middle class people, but vehicle/spares cost are very high when comparing with other cars(ritz,swift,vista,figo)then how can they fulfill their dreams.when going to capturing the market?(it is very clear from i20D)

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