2009 Toyota Fortuner


2009 Toyota Fortuner is expected on Indian roads by June 2009. It will be priced at around 18 lakhs. The project for Fortuner was launched in late 2004 and since then it is one of the better selling multipurpose vehicles in lot of Asian countries.

Toyota Fortuner is already a hit in other Asian markets. Indian love big diesel cars and that is why Toyota is bringing its all new Toyota Fortuner in India by mid of 2009. The available variants for Indian markets will be 2.7V Petrol & 2.5G Diesel. Toyota Fortuner will be assembled in India at Toyota’s Bidadi factory in Bangalore.

Toyota Fortuner comes with many advanced features like overhead rear seat Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning vents, cruise control and navigator. It has also got excellent safety features like traction control, bigger – better disc brakes and vehicle stability control.

Primary design features for Toyota Fortuner will be:

  • New projectors and headlight design.
  • Sporty front grille
  • Better looking then other SUV in this price range
  • Better and comfortable sitting.
  • Air conditioning can be adjusted at seat level.
  • Leather seats are foldable
  • Technologically superior: BA, VSC, EBD, TRC, Cruise Control and Navigator



  1. We have been waiting for long long time for fortuner. We wont to by 3 vehicles for our company. Could u just revert back clarifying the exact launch date in india for the diesel version

  2. rupinder singh boparai on

    i liked toyota fortuner and i m interested in buying it.can u plz tell me when it wil be launched in india.as i have heard that it s launch in india market is cancelled.so plz tell me.thanks

  3. Sanjay Sabherwal on

    me and 4 frnds of mine are all proud and satisfied owners of the corolla/quallis. all of us intend to buy the fortuner (diesel) the day it is launched. i would really appreciate me being contacted once yr decision to launch the fortuner is made. will the fortuner be available in automatic ?
    thank u.


    I was planning to buy SUV this month ,but saw on website that TOYOTA FORTUNER is to be launched very early ,can u just give me idea till when it will be launch in India ,so i should wait ,i m big fan of TOYOTA ,I own CAMRY & INNOVA ,i m confident of any toyoto product ,pls reply me soon ,


  5. Amitabh Singh on

    The Fortuner looks great and is currently the most awaited SUV in India. As per NDTV, the Fortuner would be assembled in India. With the current state of the global economy low pricing would be a key to the success of this SUV in India. It has a tough task of outdoing the Ford Endeavour, Honda CRV, Captiva and Pajero. Therefore, Fortuner will really have to take the competition head on by introducing the SUV at very competitive price.

  6. I have always owned many models of different Co’s, & any Toyota car has been the perfect from my experience right from the Qulais to date,Appreciate how they are made, I dont want to miss on the ‘Fortuner’, please advise when they will hit the market.

  7. ihave seen this car in thailland since then iam awating this in india to own it as quickly as possible.so please reply me when it will be lanched.

  8. I saw a black – FTNR in BLR-MSR NH, on this Saturday. It was a road test vehicle with all letters and emblems covered!
    It was treat watching this one gliding on the road! FTNR looks fantastic from front, great from the back and reasonable from the sides!
    The road presence of the car, through my rear view mirror was great!
    This is an SUV I am waiting to buy for last six months.
    Have checked with my exec contacts in Toyota India, This will be out in next couple of months and add starting a month ahead of that!
    Great! This is going to force, rest of the SUV makers to re look at what they are selling today!!! Both in terms of technology and cost!

  9. manishkumbhat on

    i am watching the day by day this on internet that it is going to be launching soon in indian road but can u tell which exactaly dated to be launching this vehicle as i have to buy sooner suv becoz i am out of car sold my innova if it is launching as wrote in june end 2009 than i cancel my plan to buy the honda crv. hope u will tell u truly the launching and as well as the price.

  10. Manjider Singh Brar on

    i m wating for toyota fortuner and i m interested in buying it.can u plz tell me when it wil be launched in india , i will buy first car in punjab.as i have heard that it s launch in india market is cancelled.

  11. Manjit Singh on

    I am also waiting for ‘Toyota Fortuner’ “The Ultimate SUV”
    TOYOTA please launch this SUV within this year 2009 in INDIA.
    Please let us know when is it getting launched and start the booking.

  12. abhay kachhawha on

    i am too waiting like thissuv from one year and on 18 lac price tag it was good
    pls give details of launch and booking

  13. dr.arunareddy on

    looking forward for this car as it compares well with toyotahighlander which my dayghter uses at usa,wich we use when we are in usa its excellent and expect the same from fortuner in india.

  14. We, here at our firm have been waiting for this vehicle to launch. We require 10 vehicles of this sort for our manufacturing plant locations which are situated in rural areas where there is a need for off-road vehicles.

  15. please launch my dream suv tthat is fortuner,we want to buy 3 ,,1 for my dad ,2 for my bro and third for me..we are waiting from last year,please toyota launch it

  16. Kudos to XYLO for forcing the launch of FORTUNER which was eagerly awaited by many in India for the past 5 years.It will be good for Toyota if FORTUNER is priced around 13-14 lakhs. At 20 lakhs it will cater to a niche market competing with Honda CRV, FORD Endeavour, Chevrolet Captiva ,Mitsubishi Pajero & outlander while XYLO will walk away with the majority of the market.

  17. I am eagerlly waiting to buy Toyota diesel version .When is the exact date to be launch in Noida .My Friend in meerut have deposit one lac for toyota fortuner .This is correct.



  19. We have been waiting for this fortuner from last 2 years. After seeing the fortuner in Pune showroom, it looked excellent.

  20. hey guy,its a gr888 vehicle and a true suv(finally an suv,am sick n tired of useless soft roaders)but the most dissapointing thing is that the waiting period after u book the car is never ending,even if u book the fortuner today you will get the delivery sometime in december only.i think toyota should try and increase the production,thanks.

  21. actually we had purchased 4 innoves when it was launced and car was super bt now we had to purchased fortuner bt there is waiting of 6 to eight months so please increase the production

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