Tata Rs. 1 Lakh Nano car


Tata 1 Lakh CarCould Tata Rs. 1 Lakh car dent the Indian bike market?

Not much… Let’s have a look at it closely. Who could be potential buyers of this car?

1. People who opt for high end sports bikes like top of the line Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Honda Karizma which are in the price range of Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 80,000. The difference between the price of Tata car and these bikes is mere 20,000. These people form a very small segment of bike market and are more of enthusiasts. There is unlikely that Tata will be able to get a large number of buyers from this segment of bike lovers.

2. The other segment of bikers is family oriented people who opt for highly popular 100-125cc bikes. The prices of these bikes fall below Rs. 50,000. Now the price difference between this segment bikes and Tata car is whooping Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 60,000. This is quite high for these masses and the difference in price will put Tata car out of reach. Maintenance cost and mileage will be another reason why masses will not opt for this 1 Lakh car.

The growth of bike market is huge which could take small dent as some bikers will certainly opt for Rs. 1 lakh car.



  1. i want to see the car ….
    want to know the features of the car…
    seems to be interestin …
    basically i am fond of cars.

  2. seshavatharam csv on

    a car with auto gear less than 1 lakh speed max 60 km 4 seater hybrid variety is needed for the middle class people in india as it can have an impact on rural transportation

  3. I respect and give honour to TATA company.I fell thank if you lonch this car in market.Most of the people in the country will have cars.I want to tell about me,that when i was small my parents has dream to buy a car. It is also the dream of sevral people.Please make its TRUE

  4. i have seen it in pune near the snake zoo.and the car have euro emissions iv thats good but the rear lamps do not look good as the car is small while its bhp is also less.the rear lamps should be slanting hexagon.or like a star concept or mazda.

  5. I am very much enthusiasm to see a car on road, but still I am waiting when this 1 Lakh car will come to light (available) for our citizens.
    Is Ratan Tata can give us the pledge ?.
    Then I really thank full for creating a revolution in automobiles and middle class people’s desire.

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