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Practicality that does not take a toll on style: what you wanted is what you will definitely get with the Ford Endeavour. You can rave and rant about this amazing SUV from the Ford factory. A beast on the road and a gentle giant in terms of comfort, the Ford Endeavour is the result of a remarkable endeavor indeed. Critics seem to like the ride quality in the Ford Endeavour. The commendable mileage of about 10.3 km per liter makes this giant quite economical. The Ford Endeavour is quite the family SUV, catering to the needs of comfort and convenience while not compromising on raw power on all roads. And this is surely a welcome feature on many of the Indian roads. You can ride in comfort without the jerks and breaks that other vehicles are bound to give you.


Until recently, the SUV was strictly an okay buy. But the remarkable redesign of the engine has made the vehicle very appealing to customers looking for power. The renewed diesel engine is stronger and yet, surprisingly fuel efficient. This SUV easily pumps out 330 Nm @ 1800 rpm. The sturdy body and the enhanced engine contribute greatly to the acceleration and thrust. Ford has caught up with the sophisticated technology in today’s auto markets. The realization is evident in the impressive control features in this modern day SUV.


The SUV boasts of comfortable seating for 7 passengers, but the rear passengers might have a slightly cramped ride in long distance travel. Multi-reflector head lamps, an imposing chrome grille, tuned suspension system (with shock absorbers), power steering, eco-friendly AC and excellent brakes make up the machinery and interior features of the Ford Endeavour, along with a few other convenience and safety features.


The robust stance of this family vehicle somehow assures you of reliability during long journeys. Forget any hesitation regarding highway cruising. Just pack your bags and head to a destination of your choice, Ford Endeavour can be your perfect companion. With a hard-to-beat performance and a host of convenience features, the Ford Endeavour is a good pick any day.

Our verdict: Great looks with a variety of features, Endeavour is the perfect car for SUV lovers.

Ford Endeavour Prices

Model Mumbai Delhi Chennai
Ford Endeavour TDCi 4×2 XLT 14.99 15.72 15.08
Ford Endeavour Thunder Plus 17.43 18.29 17.56

Ford Endeavour Mileage, Fuel Economy

Model City Highway Overall
Ford Endeavour TDCi 4×2 XLT 8.5 13.1 10.1
Ford Endeavour Thunder Plus 9.9 14.5 11.05

Ford Endeavour Specifications, Ford Endeavour Specs

Exterior (mm)
Overall length: 4998
Overall width: 1789
Overall height: 1836
Wheelbase: 2860
Ground clearance: 210

Track (mm)
Front: 1475
Rear: 1470

Angles (degrees)
Approach angle: 32°
Departure angle: 26°
Ramp breakover: angle 24°
Kerb weight (kg): 1875 (2.5L – 4×2) / 1995 ( 3.0L – 4×4)
Seating capacity: 7
Fuel tank capacity(l): 71

ENGINE 2.5L – (4×2)
Type: 2.5 Litre TDCi with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT)
Displacement(cc): 2499
Max.power: 143 PS (105Kw) @ 3500 rpm
Max. torque: 330 Nm (33.7 kgm) @ 1800 rpm
Valve system: DOHC, 16 Valves
Fuel system: Direct Injection Common Rail



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