Chevrolet Cruze Review


Chevrolet Cruze Car Photo
It’s the car we have all been waiting for. The Chevrolet Cruze by General Motors is all shiny and new with its latest up-gradation. With dual air bags safety in front and on the sides, dual port front grille, chrome handles and the revving 166 PS engine, it is all set to increase your heartbeat.


The ambiance had never been classier. The all black leather seats and icy blue ambient lights impart to it an elegant aura. The dual cockpit with comfortable seats and ergonomically placed and designed steering wheel with smooth cruise control all redefine comfort. The car of the next generation comes with all the features you had always dreamed of in your vehicle. A Bluetooth streamed music system with built in high quality speakers, ensure you enjoy the beats without the hassle of wires. There is also a center stack with integrated panel to display graphic information and entertainment at one touch, radio and HVAC controls. The auto-dimming of the rear view mirror takes care of the glares of other cars on road behind you at night while automatic central locking system, anti-theft features of alarm and ignition make sure of your safety.


The chiseled, bold and muscular body of the beast is impressive. It has those majestic dimensions and coup shaped proportions with an aggressive stance that delivers it a remarkable appeal. The jewel headlamps that are designed in the shape of a samurai’s eyes give its otherwise sporty front end an interesting twist. The twin port tail lights too have this jewel like designs that can enchant any onlooker. The curvy taut design, chrome detailing on the trunk lid and door handles and gold Chevrolet bow tie over the twin-port front grille renders it a striking appearance.


The engine with 148 horses boosting its power was always the powerful engine everyone just loved. And with the new upgrade, it has become all the more better. The 2.0 litre VCDi engine located under the hood of the Chevrolet Cruze has everything to boast of, of being the most powerful diesel car, with the impressive 166 PS of pure power on the tap. The whopping 360 Nm of torque adds to the breath-taking experience.

With an engine so powerful comes the risk of balance. But with the brains of the Chevrolet Cruze, it is one smooth ride. The car comes with a quick thinking LAN bus that has a 500kbps microprocessor chip set, allowing the vehicle to connect with the engine and be on its toes for that fast performance along with safety.

Cruise Control

The 6-Speed Automatic Transmission blended with the high performance heavy capacity engine, lets you change gear effortlessly and deliver superior acceleration. The sixth gear becomes a boon in the times of ever rising fuel prices, by ensuring an enhanced fuel economy. The fine hydraulic clutch and high-torque motion capability, gives you an exhilarating driving experience.


This luxury car offers the perfect mix of safety features with style and comfort. The revamped version of Chevrolet Cruze comes with two strategically placed airbags; one in front and other at sides; to give you full protection in case of collision with high impact. It forms one strong and unyielding safety cage which is built with reinforced pillars to provide maximum safety to the passengers. The Chevrolet Cruze comes with anti-lock brake system that makes sure you have a fine grip over slippery surfaces, effective braking at short distances and a sturdy steering control. Apart from these, it also has crumple zones at both front and back end to increase efficiency in absorbing impact force, a provision for child seat and a scientifically designed hood of the car to reduce the chances of injury to the pedestrians.


Coming with some really good features such as high performance 166 PS engine with great torque capacity, good mileage, a sixth gear; along with plush interiors and an exquisite styling, great safety features and all this on a very reasonable price; it is very hard to say no this car.


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