Hyundai i10 Review


The subcontinent has been welcoming many refreshing small cars lately, and Hyundai has taken the auto market by storm with its excellent models released in Asian countries. If you are looking for a model that is worth investing in without doubt, then go for the Hyundai i10. With its loaded array of impressive standard features, the car is also affordable enough for those on a budget. This car can easily put some of the bigger luxury car models to shame, with its all-round appeal that works magic on the sales volumes. This city car comes in four different versions, with good options in each.

The i10 doesn’t try too hard to impress: it just achieves it in a flash. Simple, uncluttered and fuss-free interiors are such a pleasant surprise after the complicated mess you find in many city cars these days. The 1.1 liter 4-cylinder 65 bhp petrol engine is efficient enough to move from 0 to 60 mph in about 15.9 seconds. The car achieves a decent top speed of 95 mph in comfortable driving conditions. However some of you may find that the automatic transmission plays spoilsport at times. Even then for the competitive pricing, you get a long list of features in this city car.

One more backdrop of the Hyundai i10 is that this compact sized car is slightly stern in terms of room for rear seat passengers. There is not much leg room to work your way around and fitting three passengers at the back seat might not be a promising option.

However with safety, performance, convenience and over reliability, this car easily gets a good 3 on 5. Financial value is strong here; because of the lengthy warranty you are offered. Handling is good with the Hyundai i10, so you don’t have to worry much about slightly tough road conditions. Ride quality is admirable overall, compared to many other cars in this segment. The 285-litre boot space is what you can expect in a compact car, but you do wish for more.

This is one car that gives you easy in difficult parking conditions. Its compact size makes it fit for easy maneuvering in congested roads without much fuss.

A nice pick if you want a compact car that gives extra value for your money. This could be your work car.

Hyundai i10 Prices

Model Mumbai Delhi Chennai
i10 D-LITE 3.53 3.37 3.36
i10 ERA 3.90 3.73 3.72
i10 Magna 4.16 3.97 3.96
i10 Magna O 4.68 4.9 4.67
i10 Magna O(sunroof) 4.83 5.06 4.82
i10 Kappa Magna MT 4.22 3.99 4.01
i10 Kappa Sportz MT 4.47 4.26 4.26
i10 Kappa Magna AT 4.67 4.45 4.44
i10 Kappa Sportz AT 4.92 4.69 4.68

Hyundai i10 Mileage, Fuel Economy

Model City Highway Overall
i10 D-LITE 15.4 18.8 19.2
i10 ERA 15.4 18.8 19.2
i10 Magna 15.4 18.8 19.2
i10 Magna O 15.4 18.8 19.2
i10 Magna O(sunroof) 15.4 18.8 19.2

Hyundai i10 Specifications, Hyundai i10 Specs

Overall Length: 3565mm
Overall Width: 1595mm
Overall Height: 1550mm
Wheelbase: 2380mm
Ground Clearance: 165mm
Front Track: 1400mm
Rear Track: 1385mm
Kerb Weight (Kg): 860-952(M/T)
Fuel Tank capacity (l): 35
Engine: iRDE 1.1
Configuration: In-line, 4 cylinder
Displacement: 1086 cc
Maximum Power: 66.7 ps /5500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 10.1 Kgm /2800 rpm



  1. h!
    this is saurav .
    i checked ur hyundai i 10 page ,its good to see lot of info. over there, but let me tell u one thing that the mileage u have mentioned in ur hyundai i 10 is not correct .
    first ofall there r 2 engines availabe in i10 i.i with 66bhp and 1.2 having kappa engine which gives 80 bhp power. so in the case how can 2 diff engine givea a same mileage.
    for 1.1 engine the mileage is around 12-13 in city
    whereas for 1.2 kappa engine which one is made of lluminium provides 114-15 kmpl mileage on city.
    plz correct it .

  2. Maruti will launch A Star automatic in july 2010. This will be the most mileage giving automatic gears car because A Star is already giving 19 kmpl.

  3. I bought i10 era about 2 month back driving over 1000+ kms (covering 50:50 in city and highway condition). It is a good car no doubt, but my finding regarding mileage is that it gives only 10.5 -12 km/litre not as promised by Hyundai Dealer of 19.83 kms/L.Hence i am looking forward of how to improve mileage…….


  4. I bought era march’10. The car is excellent and economy is fine with 16 highway, 12 city… but there is a big problem. if you keep crawling in traffic jam then in first gear it would pick as if you r in a old matador… it sounds like thud thud thud and whole body vibrates badly… but only in first gear… I contacted Samara Engineers and got a reply that this prob is in all i10s….

    otherwise nice car, looks like a curly haired teen girl friend accompanying you….

  5. dear, i have purchased era i10 just before 1 month but i regret to inform you that it gives poor mileage just 10 km per liter. the workshop manager has consoled me that it will improve after services. no way but to be consoled by the manager

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