Renault Lodgy Review


Renault Lodgy
Duster is the flagship model for Renault till date but the company is trying to change that by launching most promising MPV in India, Lodgy. It is for sure going to strengthen the company position as automaker in India. Lodgy is first MPV offering for Renault in India but in fact 30 years ago the company invented the space with its people mover Espace. In India this model is its first offering in the segment which already has established players like Maruti, Honda and Toyota.

With unleash of the new Renault Lodgy, the French manufacturers are quite confident of making yet another competitive impact which would roar the market. Yes, the new Renault Lodgy has been a new ace for the field of MPVs which is something quite competitive indeed. However, for unleash of the car, it has been something that the tests went on! This was quite helpful indeed as the market price of the Renault Lodgy is set for 8.9 lakhs. For the car, it has come up with enough fame and expectation which was quite important for the car to come up with. The key statistics of the car was up with an upgraded version of the MUV which adds a good remark not only with the utility but as well with the performance too!


Renault Lodgy is only available in 1466cc 1.5litre K9K diesel engine. The flexible single camshaft with 8-valves and 4-cylinder motor might not be the best arrangement but works well. It is available in 2 trims with power output of 108.6bhp and 83bhp and the varied power output is achieved due to different injection systems and turbochargers fitted in them. The power surge comes between 2000 to 4000rpm revs after which it decreases significantly. So if you need to overtake on highways it should happen be below 6th gear. At 6th gear it could go on 100kmph at 200rpm and that saves fuel for the car.

The car gets power from its 4 cylinder engine which is injected in line with a CRDi format. The maximum torque attained is 200Nm which is quite high indeed and the right choice of impact which gives a 108bhp power. Lodgy is supported with a 6 speed manual transmission which is held along the 5 speed manual gearbox! All these add up to a good result for the car as it is integrated with a proper shift back engine being turbocharged.

Lodgy could go from 0-100kmph in 11.5 seconds which makes it fastest MPV in India.

Design and Styling

Renault Lodgy Dashboard
MPV is all about extra space and practical car and Lodgy takes care of both efficiently. For the design of the Renault Lodgy, it gives the perfect looks of a MPV with a spectacular finish! It is integrated with a 5 door system which is pushed with the effect of 7 seating arrangement! The boot space is of 589 litres which adds the value of a big space in the back. For the Renault Lodgy, it is definitely wonderful and this is what it helps the car look perfect. Apart from this, the plus point is that the designing of the MPV is quite well indeed. The Renault Lodgy has an electronically enabled speedometer as well as an electronically enabled dashboard. The best part is that the ABS as well as the EBD engines is also helped with the people. For the color, the Brown as well as the Beige combination of the Renault Lodgy is quite preferable for the people.

Riding & Performance

Renault Lodgy Interior
For the Renault Lodgy, the seats are covered with a leather style asset which is boosted with a quality performance indeed. The best part is that the dual core suspension is ready to give a perfect balance to the weight. Apart from this, the best part is that the Renault Lodgy is set up with a performance that is quite integrated. The top speed is 180kmph which is good and the safety measures taken in the car is all set to give a comfortable driving. The Brake system of the car is also set to be very good indeed.


On city roads it could easily give an average of 12.5kmpl and on highways its mileage is close to 18kmpl. Provided the size and weight of the vehicle is high, the mileage looks impressive. The 50 litre fuel tank gives a driving range of 750km which makes it suited for long drives.


For the rivals in the patch, Toyota Innova, Honda Mobilio, Tata Aria and Maruti Ertiga could give Lodgy tough time! By far Renault Lodgy is the best MPV in India that give value for money, speed, comfort and space. First 2 rows are very comfortable but the 3rd row lacks thigh space. The best part is that ABS is standard in all the variants and 2 airbags are standard in top variants. Could absorb potholes easily and ride is flat.

2016 Specification and Features – Comparison Lodgy, Innova and Ertiga

Below is the table depicting specifications and features of top 3 MPV namely Lodgy, Toyota Innova and Maruti Ertiga and their comparison.

Renault Lodgy Toyota Innova Maruti Ertiga
Price(on-road Mumbai) Rs. 10.8 lakh Rs. 10.3 lakh Rs. 9.5 lakh
Type In-line 4, turbocharged Diesel In-line 4, turbocharged Diesel DDiS Diesel Engine
Capacity 1461cc 2494cc 1248cc
Valvetrain 4 valves/cylinder 4 valves/cylinder 4 valves/cylinder
Power 110PS at 4000rpm 102PS at 3600rpm 90PS at 4000rpm
Torque 245Nm at 1750rpm 200Nm at 1200 – 3600rpm 200 at 1750rpm
Under the Hood
Front Suspension Macpherson strut Double wishbone Macpherson strut
Rear Suspension Torsion Beam 4-link suspension Torsion Beam
Brakes(F/R) Ventilated Disc/drum Ventilated Disc/drum Ventilated Disc/drum
Tyres 185/55 R15 205/65 R15 185/65 R15
0-100kmph 13.1 17.5 13.3s
Top Speed 165 151 169
Highway(kmpl) 21.5 16 21
City(kmpl) 12.5 10 13.5
LxWxH(mm) 4498x1751x1697 4585x1765x1760 4265x1695x1685
Boot Space(l) 207 300 300
Wheelbase(mm) 2810 2750 2740


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