2015 Tata Nano Genx Review


tata nano genx
Every year there is improvement in the Tata Nano cars and this year it made a big jump with its Genx which is likely to shake whole entry level segment. It is primarily because of its latest offering Easy Shift(AMT). The AMT is not there in any other car in entry level segment of hatch. So, this is cheapest car again that is fitted with automated manual transmission.

Sometimes it is also called as automated clutch manual transmission which is very similar to car with stick shift gears but instead of driver controlling it, a computer does the job. A vehicle fitted with AMT is better efficient when it comes to fuel as the energy from the engine directly goes to the wheels.


GenX is fitted with 5 speed AMT which gives comfort of automatic without compromising on the mileage. The sports mode gives boost in acceleration which could be very useful while driving on highways while the creep feature allows easy handling of the vehicle in heavy traffic. The turning radius is very small due to which driving it in city is super easy. The car could take in 24 leter petrol which is enough to go upto 500KM. The zippy drive makes driving fun even for long distances. All this points to just one thing that this is a perfect city car which could ride swiftly on highways too.


GenX is far ahead with other cars in the segment when it comes to comfort. You get a power steering that further has speed sensitivity with active return for very comfortable ride. You get a 110 ltrs luggage space for manual and 94 litres for AMT variants. In addition to this the power window in the front and remote key less entry adds further to the whole experience. The shoulder room, leg room and comfortable interiors could surely be one of the other reasons you should go for this car as your first car. The air conditioning works fine and keeps interiors in good shape in all seasons.


Though GenX does not have any airbags but it carries a reinforced structure of the body with intrusion beams in its doors that are robust. The crumple zone keeps the impact away from the passengers in the car. The car is very stable and the ground clearance of 180mm keeps it safe from uneven Indian roads.

Dashboard Equipments

nano genx dashboard
The all new Nano is fitted with Amphistream music system that has CD, radio, USB connectivity, Aux-in and four speakers to enhance your mood while driving. If that was not enough, you also get Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and music streaming. The digital display gives you a clock, fuel consumption meter, distance to empty, trip meter and an indicator for gear shift.


When it comes to mileage, the car gives you an overall average of 21.9kmpl.

The effective top speed for the car is 106kmph. The price stands at Rs. 2.99 lakh Ex-Mumbai.

What has changed?

The rear and front bumper has been completely redesigned. The radiator is now placed in the front. Boot space to keep luggage. Since it is a rear engine car the boot space is not huge and comes to about 110 litres. Due to enhancement in the safety features the kerb weight of the car has increased by 35kg for good. The steering wheel is all new and is quite comfortable to use. The 624cc petrol engine gives out a peak power of 38PS with a maximum torque of 51NM. The engine has not changed but a new cooling fan is fitted in the back which would manage the heat in better way. The AMT has made it most affordable clutch less car in the world. The acceleration for the car is great and it takes only 32s to go from 0-100kmph in AMT mode which is quicker than manual.


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