Tata Safari Review


tata safari
In the contemporary India, Tata happens to be the most trusted brand; people from different corners of the country have blind faith on the quality that Tata serves with. The enterprise has leveraged Indian market with a lot of amazing heavy vehicle and SUVs. The performance of all the vehicles irrespective of their size has been commendable.

Over the time the demand of Indian market has changed and Tata has understood it really well and it has worked on a lot of stuffs and produced vehicles like Tata Safari that has enamored a huge set of audience. It’s been more than a decade since this car came into the market but it is still one of the most widely accepted car from the house of Tata. Tata Safari has been making a lot of strides in the sea of success; now let’s have a look at the exquisite SUV.


Whether its style, power, performance or the classic look, no contemporary SUV stands strong in front of Tata Safari. It has carved a new dimension for itself. People can defy the use of this car because of various reasons but they are never going to forget the experience this car leveraged them with.


Style happens to be one thing that no contemporary SUV can beat Safari even after a decade. This car has leveraged people with the youth energy and people are more than crazy about the curves of the car. The cool headlights and the trailing back light are something no one is going to miss having in their car. The elated bonnet and the high ground clearance make it more and more desirable.


This is a powerful car and it has allowed a lot of people to live their life in excitement. A lot of people have made the best use of the powerful engine for traversing high altitude arenas and also for going really deep. The 2179cc engine has enough power to run through difficult terrains with great ease and grace. The 2.2 liter DICOR model was just another thing that made people fall in love with this amazing vehicle.


Merely style is the thing that has made this car what it is today, along with the powerful engine this car also has a fuel tank that eats up less of fuel and produces more of energy and power. 15KMPL is amazing and people go numb when they hear this for the first time. This is one of the thing about Tata vehicles, they are easy on pocket and they help you in going miles without spending a lot of money on fuel.


The car has enough space to accommodate a big family of 7-8 people with great ease. The comfy seats and the exquisite finish make it more and more desirable. A lot of people have been admiring the amazing stereo inside the car, the audio systems are also available with Bluetooth control that makes driving a lot more fun.


Going by the Indian standard this vehicle is worth all your money. You got to play like Rs. 8.7 lacs to Rs. 9 lacs to get the vehicle running on the road but when you compare it with the other contemporaries providing the same facilities at the cost of Rs. 15 lacs then you realize why Tata happens to be the favorite of people in India. The car is worth all your money and the maintenance is easy as well.


Tata Safari is an amazing vehicle for the people of all kind and of all age. You can be a youth or you can be a sixty year old man and you are going to drive this car round the town with the same passion.


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