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toyota innova
The advancing Indian economy has witnessed a lot of amazing automobiles being placed in the public domain for consumption. In the past few decades the Indian market has expanded and there is room for a lot of amazing automobiles.

Today people across the country are in a hurry and everyone wants to reach to their destination with a lot of comfort and ease and the kind of comfort they are always seeking is hardly available in any public transport and hence the demand of the cars have increased in recent past. The growing market has witnessed some amazing cars in all the domains like SUV and Sedan, which is a good thing for a growing economy like India. Toyota Innova has also won a lot of hearts in the recent past, in this article we are going to learn about the various features and the mechanisms of this amazing car.

Innova is designed and manufactured by Toyota, which happens to be a company registered in Indonesia. With the increasing demand the enterprise has also established one of its producing units in India as well.

The car has a different kind of appeal and it appeals to the youngster the most. The exquisite design and the smooth performance on the road has made this car reach the stars and acquire some raving reviews from different corners of the country.

Starting at the price of Rs 9 lacs, the car for sure fits into the budget of everyone from a middle class to an upper class people. The fixed price of the car seems good and satisfying when compared to the experience it serves with on road. The smooth ride, the awesome mileage stats and the style statement that it makes are some of the basic reasons why people are going to pay this amount and avail the car.

2494 CC is good enough to pull a car under extreme conditions. The amazing engine of the car leverages the driver with the power to ride through the tough terrains and drive amazingly fast on the smooth roads.

Toyota Innova allows 6 to 7 people to fit in with great ease and grace. The amazing spacious interior makes it more and more viable for the bigger families, you can always grab an Innova and go on a tour. College students and newbie entrepreneurs are dependent on this car for a lot of stuffs. They are using it for fun and some of them are also using it for carrying their personal loads from home to office and vice versa.

toyota innova inside
Toyota has leveraged the car with a cozy interior. The smooth leather-ed seats and the amazing air conditioner are some of the things you are going to love about this car and then there is the amazing sound system which will make you groove throughout the journey. The addition of safety features like air-bags and the central lock system are good enough to keep you and your family safe and healthy under extreme conditions. The car is a family car, the amazing interior and the enamoring performance is making people go crazy.

Apart of all the comfort and all the style, Toyota Innova car also has a mileage that is more likely to impress you; the car with a 2k cc engine leverages you with an innocuous mileage of 13.3 KMPL on smooth roads. If you are planning to take the cars to the mountains then the mileage will slump to 10-11KMPL. The overall performance of car mileage wise is no bad and it is good enough to gather some expert’s eye.

Servicing cost
The car is good and it goes easy on the pocket of owner, you will have to pay a meager sum of 5k for getting the servicing done every year, all the outlets of Toyota are enabled with the servicing facility.

The car has some amazing features and the exquisite performance, the beautiful interior and the safety gadgets come together to make this car a hit and affordable for everyone. The experts from across the world are recommending this car and the rising sales is one of the most prominent proof about the potential of the Innova.

Toyota Innova Prices

2.5 E On Road Prices
Mumbai Delhi Chennai Kolkata
9,73,000 10,32,000 10,24,000 9,74,000
Ex-Show Prices
Mumbai Delhi Chennai Kolkata
9,08,000 9,18,000 9,23,000 9,81,000
Car Specification
Technical Specifications
Make Toyota Innova
Model 2.5E
Displacement 2.5
Cylinders 4
Max Power (ps) 102
Max Torque (Nm) 200
Gears 5M
Layout RWD
Acceleration 0-100kmph (sec) 17.6
Acceleration 0-400m (sec) 20.5
Top Speed (kmph) 151
Braking 100-0 kmph (meters) 43.2
Mileage(overall) 11.8
Claimed 10.8
Length 4580
Width 1770
Height 1755
Wheelbase 2750
Ground Clearance 176
Kerb Weight 1560
Boot Space 620 lts
Seat 7
Airbags No


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