Volkswagen Jetta Review


Volkswagen Jetta

The engine for this car is excellent, ride quality is great and is very spaceous. Direct shift gearbox is present only in Highline which might be a negative for other models.

The contemporary world is enjoying the presence of amazing sedans on the face of the earth. The people of the contemporary world have started working really harder and at the same time they are spending a lot of bucks on their comfort and style. In a country like India, you will be amazed to hear that Volkswagen has been successful in selling millions of units in the previous decades. The demand has risen up drastically in recent past and it is going to give every innocuous automobile company a chance to prove its mettle.

Volkswagen has been selling cars in India for some decades now but in recent past with the launch of Jetta, it has scaled new heights and now it is all set to traverse the whole of India. The automobile enterprise is looking forward to do a lot of business and in order to support them with cheap investment, they have planned to establish some new production units in India.

When we refer to Volkswagen Jetta as a car for the Indian customers the first thing we would like to consider is going to be sitting capacity because Indians follow the culture of joint families and the second thing is going to be performance because India is yet to have the amazing roads. Jetta is a sedan and it can accommodate 5-6 adults with great ease and grace and hence so it has the capability to leverage the Indian family with a picnic to the nearest spot. We will discuss the performance in the engine section.

Volkswagen Jetta Engine
Engine: – Volkswagen is known to produce powerful cars and undoubtedly Jetta is also a powerful car and it leverages the driver with the capability to take chances and drive through the difficult terrains. The TDI engine gives out a good 140 PS of power that runs at 4200 rpm that gives out a torque of 320 Nm at 1750 to 2500 rpm. The surprising part is that with this power you also get great fuel efficiency. TDI engine is fitted in 2.0L Trendline MT, 2.0L Comfortline MT, 2.0L Highline MT & 2.0L Highline AT. In 1.4L Trendline MT & 1.4L Comfortline MT you get a TSI engine that gives out 122 PS of power and is designed to give lower CO2 emission thus less environment pollution.

Volkswagen Jetta Interior
Interior: – Sedans are known for their interior and this car also stands up to the expectation. It has got an exquisite interior and the customers have the liberty to choose the color of the interior at the time of the booking of the car. The customer can afford to choose either a classy creamy interior or a sexy black. The interior leverages you with worth against the money you are spending. In addition to this you also get RCD 510 stereo system, 12 way electrically adjustable driver seat, cruise control, climatronic air conditioning etc.

Fuel Consumption : – People are more considerate about the fuel consumption these days. This car has good ratings when it comes to fuel consumption. The car consumes less of fuel and leverages with more power when compared to the contemporary cars produced by a lot of car manufacturers in the Indian market.

Driving Comfort : – Of all the drivers who have had the liberty of driving the car around the city have rated car with good ratings when it comes to the ease with which the car roams around the car. The power steering and the amazing swift driving wheels adds up to the experience of the driving, making it rich.

Spacious : – The interior of the car is exquisite and at the same time it also has a lot of boot space and back space. You can store a lot of luggage as the boot comes with a capacity of 510 litres that could fit all types of luggage. The multi function armrests have spacious storage compartments that could hold some essential items which is a great addition. The rear center armrest has 2 cup-holders. The glove compartment is spacious too which could hold lot of essential items easily.

Safety : – When it comes to safety features, the car is one of the best in its segment. You get parking sensors, Electronic Stabilization Programme which reacts in milliseconds, 6 airbags that includes curtain airbag for both front and rear, front side airbags, front airbags for driver and front passenger.

Price Volkswagen Jeeta

2.0 TDI Trendline MT On Road Prices
Mumbai Delhi Chennai Kolkata
16,48,000 15,62,000 15,68,000 15,70,000
Ex-Show Prices
Mumbai Delhi Chennai Kolkata
14,98,000 14,12,000 14,18,000 14,20,000
Car Specification
Technical Specifications
Make Volkswagen Jeeta
Model 2.0 TDI Trendline MT
Displacement 2
Cylinders 4
Max Power (ps) 140
Max Torque (Nm) 320
Gears 6M
Layout FWD
Acceleration 0-100kmph (sec) 9.8
Acceleration 0-400m (sec) 17
Top Speed (kmph) 167
Braking 100-0 kmph (meters) 50
Fuel Efficiency(overall) 15
Claimed 19.33
Length 4644
Width 1778
Height 1453
Wheelbase 2633
Ground Clearance 159
Kerb Weight 1445
Boot Space 500 lts
Seat 5
Airbags 6
TC Yes


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