Hero Honda CD-Deluxe

Ex Showroom Price:

Mumbai: Rs. 37,200
Delhi: Rs. 38,700

Hero Honda CD Deluxe Brief Review:

Hero Honda CD Deluxe is Hero Honda’s entry level crusader which is best in the class for performance and fuel efficiency. The alternatives for this bike in India are G5, Alba, Passion Plus, Platina, Splendor Plus.

Bike Specification
Technical Specifications
Make Hero Honda
Model Hero Honda CD-Deluxe
Displacement (cc) 97.2
Max Power (ps) 7.7
Max Torque (Nm) 7.5
Power to weight ratio 71.2
Injected/Carburetted Carburetted
Gears 4
Front Tyres 2.75×18″
Rear Tyres 2.75×18″
Front Brakes 130 Drum
Rear Brakes 110 Drum
Acceleration 0-60kmph (sec) 7.8
Acceleration 0-100kmph (sec)
Acceleration 0-400m (sec) 22.9
Top Speed (kmph) 89.3
Braking 60 kmph (meters) 23
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficiency 77 kmpl
Fuel Tank 10.5 ltrs
Range in km 808 km
Length 1980
Width 720
Height 1045
Wheelbase 1230
Ground Clearance 159
Kerb Weight 107
Storage Space No
Warranty (years/km) 2 Years
Tachometer No
Electric Start No
Digital Speedometer No
Odometer No
Mileage Indicator No
Fuel Gauge No
Tripmeter No
Projector headlamps No
LED Tail lamps No
Backlit Switchgear No
Alloy Wheels Yes
Swingarm Rect/Tubular Tubular
Tubeless Tyres No
Clip-on Handlebars No
Gas Charged Shock absorbers No


  1. prasad says:

    looking very good and nice,please give estemateing in hyderabad show room

  2. shailendra sharma says:

    hello hero honda motar bike makar
    my name shailendra sharma or me ye kahta hu ki agar self start agar cd delex ko kar diya jaye to sone pe suhaga ho jaye ga

  3. RAHUL RANA says:

    my bike cd delux ,this bike mielage 40kmpl, i m no satisfied hero hoda cd deluex bike

  4. subroto says:

    which bike is best in milage and performance HH cd dawn or HH splender?

  5. Thomas says:

    my cd-deluxe is superbike.this bike milage 60kmpl

  6. yogesh says:

    i have 8 month old cd-deluxe bike , i got good mileage 82 kmpl when driven at 45kmph speed and i got 65kmpl when driven at 65-70kmph speed. and regularly i get mileage around 72 kmpl in actual road-conditions.I am very happy with my bike,and still doesn’t faced any problem.

  7. vikram says:

    This bike is one of the best bike as for as milege,style,durabilityas well as the
    public perception is concern.No doubt this very successfull bike I am not doing
    false praise it’s a truthness.

  8. rajat says:

    mine cd deluxe average varies 55 – 70 O_o

  9. Rohan Prakash says:

    I like this model because it is easy to use bike, good accelaration. But Milage in my city muzaffarpur is approx 50. How the users says that it gives 60+ mileage, I dont agree.

  10. PAvan Garg says:

    Tell me Abt HH CD Delux

  11. Bidyut says:

    I want to buy the CD Deluxe but i want mileage, i am in doubt that whether it will give milege regularly or not. please reply

  12. sashikanta Naik says:

    my bike(hh cddlx) mileage is only 55.what can i do? plz suggest.

  13. dibyaranjan sahoo says:

    My hero honda CD Deluxe is very good bike for me i am sure that my bikes milage is more than 60 Kmpl but i dont know that what is my actual milage but i am still happy with my bike.

  14. ADI REDDY says:


  15. SHIVASHANKAR says:

    Its a very good byke n happy to use on indian roads….its avg. mileage is 70kmpl…smoothgng brand of herohonda.. thanx

  16. This is the one of the best bikes in the india. looking gud model gud colours and very very gud milage.
    I have taken 6 months bike still this is giving around 65+ milage an an average.
    comfortable seating and heigh and weight. It has self start option.

    Mu suggestion is this would be a better choice for the new bike buyers.

  17. Muralidharan Nair says:

    I have purchased a hreo honda cd delux and happy that the bike is good.I use to maintain all my vehicles in good condition. But CD delux is good looking and gives good mileage.

  18. Mandeep says:

    Easy 2 drive.. Vry much strong than the other 100 CCs.. Long live HH CD deluxe..

  19. lavesh says:

    this is good bike ! its feachur is so good ‘ please give digital meter and eletric start ! ok

  20. rajkumar sesma says:

    I have hh cd dlx bikd. It look nice. As far as i think the engine of it is replaced by splendor’s engine it will be better then now.

  21. Santosh Parab says:

    Thnks a lot to hero honda cause they are invent amezing cd delux,my bike give it to me more pikup & more mileage and plus thik is last 2 years i was not change my bike clucth plate. one more think i suggust new name cd delux extrem power&mileage

  22. pulin mohapatra says:


  23. Ravinder singh Dhuri says:

    My hero honda CD Deluxe is very good bike for me i am sure that my bikes milage is more than 60 Kmpl.

  24. Ravi Kumar says:

    I have purchased a hreo honda cd delux and I am happy that the bike is good.I use to maintain all my bike in good condition. But CD delux is good looking bike and gives better mileage. but after three years bike few start problem and mileage all time law and i am seen hero honda engineers but he is not satisfy my bike problem and mileage. and i am not happy hero honda wengineers.

  25. Mohit sheoran says:

    I m 2 holding a HH CD DLX bike…i m shockd aftr hearing dat it gives a milage of 77 kms a ltr…. My bike gives abt 40-45 in normal road cnditions…ya bt i agree dat it is a stylish bike in its 100cc class..nd low maintainence..

  26. i want buy cd deluxe by cash amount.
    so tell me diwali offer/discount.

  27. SAHIL says:

    i had cd-dlx bike and avg was around 50-55 in city ,now i have pulsar 150 but, it’s avg is same above 50 in the city,so now i thought 150 pulsar is better than cd-dlx. i am not joking firstly you try on pulsar 150 and then compare both. important thing is that cd-dlx top speed is 90 and 150 pulsar top speed is 110-115
    and good looking. as a price cd-dlx is good but not better than pulsar 150.

  28. Javed Faridi says:

    Tell me about Hero Honda CD Delux Bikes.


    Hi after criticised by all my friends,I purchased cd Deluxe byke and found to be good in look and mileage. This is world’s top cheap and best byke.

  30. My hero honda CD Deluxe is very good bike for me i am sure that my bikes milage is more than 60 Kmpl but i dont know that what is my actual milage but i am still happy with my bike.

  31. ravi says:

    i m ravi frm nagpur my cd deluxe bike s average is only 40 k.m in a liter m not satisfied with hero honda.

  32. Ajin says:

    I have purchased a hero honda cd delux bike . It is very waste bike. It has so many problems.

  33. i like bike and fast in mil 60km

  34. narayana says:

    sir cd deluxe have self start bike plz reply me

  35. Amit says:

    Difrent mileage in difrnt cd deluxe..wat the hell..? i feel lucky atlist i am geting 60..hh passion with same engine gives 65Km/L..100cc wont giv u mileage abov 70km for sure..ATLIST without f-injection :P

  36. sree says:

    please sugest me which bike’s milage is best and low price which is durability to ride in city limits

  37. Raahul patil says:

    My CDDeluxe is the best one
    60 kmpl
    Two and a half year to buy no problem till now.
    good looking very good acceleration iam fully satisfied with it

  38. KUNTAL KHANNA says:

    whole night i’ll be in dream… tomorrow going to buy my dream bike a CD DELUX. SHARE MY JOY PLEASE….

  39. DHIRENDER says:

    Hello! every one i saw many comments of CD-Deluxe about mileage. But my dear friends you will be shocked when i will tell you about my CD-Deluxe mileage. My bike mileage
    is 117Kmpl. Shocked na. Its true. For your best & kind information I am a student of Engginering with help of some technic, i have increased my bike mileage. And one thing is also my Bike uses “NO PETROL” only “DIESEL”. Yes i poured only DIESEL in my bike. Its not a FUNNY JOKE its true.

  40. sushit says:

    very very very nice bike so good its acceleration is good and it also give average i am satisfy with cd deluxe

  41. Praveen Barla says:

    Am looking ahead to get Hero Honda CD-Deluxe … need to know the diwali offer price … hv vivited the nearest shwroom .. nice !! Focusing on milage ..I foun this bike wonderful ..!! After All Hero Honda !!! Is Hero Honda !! Absolute Motocorp ….!!

  42. Avinash says:

    I have 2001 model cd dawn .daily i cover 30km .i go to noida from delhi.the road has very much traffic jam but my bike give mileage of 50kmpl.i am very happy with my bhke.

  43. pavan kalyan says:

    cd deluxe is good bike but im doubting about milage

  44. BALAKIRAN says:

    Very good bike, You can trust it so much. Mine was pretty old model way back in 2005. But still is a Verygood bike. Had a long trip on this bike for 300 kms with just two 5 min breaks. It just didn’t stop, it just kept going. Ofcourse mera asli hero.

  45. Debashis Mishra says:

    I got my Bike on april 25 2012.Before servicing it was giving 58 km/lt .Post servicing it is giving 75km/lt if driven withing 45km/hr.I am really happy as the petrol prices soaring the sky and my bike giving good mileage.

  46. faizan says:

    i had purchased cd deluxe in the 2006 ,,,but the mileage of my bike is apprx 55kml ,,,,but the company mileage written is round abt 80kml ,,cant understand why the company cheats by writting unauthenticated figures

  47. Premananda Mallick says:

    my bike cd delux ,this bike mielage 40kmpl, i m no satisfied hero hoda cd deluex bike

  48. Rahul Marode says:

    Hi I have purchased CD Delux Bike 8 months ago. From my point of view metallic body of bike is not good also it vibrate above 60 km/h and also average is not good as compare with 100cc other brand bikes, as I am getting only 55 km/lit.
    And for long run it is not good to ride on it , we might get suffer from back pain. So if your daily riding is in between 10-15 km then think for this bike else go for other bikes

  49. Ibrahim says:

    I Purchased CD-Deluxe bike in 2011 and after one year it got a problem of chain sproket, i changed the new chain sproket. about the mileage it is giving mileage between 60 – 80 kmpl with repect to the city roads and highways. Overall im satisfied with my bike.

  50. Javed alam bijnor says:

    I have 10 month old Hero Honda CD Deluxe, bike ride is very good,but average is very bad, only52 km/ltr I am not satisfied,

  51. Siddharth says:

    Dear all,
    Hero Honda CD-Deluxe is awesome bike because of good milage, good shape, good looking.

    I had purchased Hero Honda CD-Deluxe on September 2011 and that time the milage was 50KMPL (On Speed of 45-50) and right now I’m getting the milage of 70KMPL + (On Speed of 45-50)

    If any one wants to purchase 100Cc bike, should go for Hero Honda CD-Delux. I’m 100% satisfied.

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