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Hero Honda Hunk Review

Hero Honda Hunk is one of the best bike in its segment (150cc). It is extremely good looking with fine finish. This is one of the best looking hero honda. The other bike in its segment are Pulsar 150, Apache RTR, Unicorn, Achiever and CBZ X-treme.

True to its name, Hero Honda Hunk is a hunk with its stylish and majestic persona. It grabs eyeballs wherever it goes and no, itโ€™s not just about style, the comfort level and the features of the bike are impressive and powerful too.

The engine displacement is 149.2 cc which promises a maximum power of 14.2 bhp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 12.8 Nm at 6500 rpm. It can be both self and kick started. Hunk gives a mileage of 60 km/ liters which is quiet impressive considering its 146 kg large frame.

Hero Honda Hunk has a 5 speed gear box and the gear shift patters in one down four up. The clutch is extremely smooth and gear shifting becomes incessantly facile and effortless. The wheels are wide (240 mm disc break in front and 130 mm drums breaks in the rear wheel) which provide increased safety for riding on any terrain.

Hunk also has additional new features like a digital speedometer along with an analog rpm meter. Flared fenders and tubeless tyres, impressive red LED tail lights and a ridged muffler cover. All these features further enhance the look and performance of the Hero Honda Hunk.

This gorgeous bike is not only a complete head turner because of its look, its mammoth size would definitely make any rider feel like God and the comfortable seats not only provide cushioning for those back breaking long rides but is also structured in such a way that it gives the rider an overall sporty look and feel.

Sharp and curvy is what gives this bike an appealing look, the LED tail lights, butterfly type head light and the alloy wheels, all make it appear extremely fascinating. Hero Honda Hunk is a bike best suited to those who like creating a strong and long lasting impression wherever they go.

Ex Showroom Price for Hero Honda Hunk

Mumbai: Rs. 57,700
Delhi: Rs. 55,100
Bike Specification
Technical Specifications
Make Hero Honda
Model Hero Honda Hunk
Displacement (cc) 149.1
Max Power (ps) 14.4
Max Torque (Nm) 12.8
Power to weight ratio 98.6
Injected/Carburetted Carburetted
Gears 5
Front Tyres 2.75×18″
Rear Tyres 100/90×18″
Front Brakes 240 Disk
Rear Brakes 130 Drum
Acceleration 0-60kmph (sec) 5.6
Acceleration 0-100kmph (sec) 18.53
Acceleration 0-400m (sec) 20.2
Top Speed (kmph) 108
Braking 60 kmph (meters) 23.6
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficiency 57.8 kmpl
Fuel Tank 14 ltrs
Range in km 810 km
Length 2080
Width 765
Height 1095
Wheelbase 1325
Ground Clearance 145
Kerb Weight 146
Storage Space No
Warranty (years/km) 3 Years
Tachometer No
Electric Start Yes
Digital Speedometer No
Odometer No
Mileage Indicator No
Fuel Gauge Yes
Tripmeter Yes
Projector headlamps No
LED Tail lamps No
Backlit Switchgear No
Alloy Wheels Yes
Swingarm Rect/Tubular Rect
Tubeless Tyres No
Clip-on Handlebars No
Gas Charged Shock absorbers Yes



    • me too havin hunk but it gives only 40 km per litre
      i have touched 110 top speed , i cant go faster than tis speed. having very low pickup

  1. Im havin a hero honda hunk.wow its got incredible power n acceleration.its handlin is great.it has a top speed of 130kmph.i hav tested it

  2. Im havin a hero honda hunk sliver colour.wow its got incredible power n acceleration.its handlin is great.it has a top speed of 120kmph.i hav tested it and i m so injoying ….sanjay kumar vaid

  3. hero honda having name and fame for selling good quality bikes since 25yrs.i am impressed and purchase sporty bike hunk.but unfortunately i am facing many problems in my bike .All these problem is occured after few weaks of purchasing. some are of them are as follow
    1.low pick up
    2.low mileage 28-30
    3.unwanted engine offage.
    4.and the main problem, the part of engine where eletricity is produced is leacked.(IMPORTANT)

    My bike is in warenty period and i am going for minor problem and mechanic repair my bike at least 5 times in 1.5month and change GASKET HEAD -12391KRM840S, GASKET L- 11395KRM840S every time.but they are not able to repaire my bike completely.

    till iam facing this problem. and hope hero honda company help me.

  4. I think the speedometers (of all bikes) have some error in reading the speed and the error factor will be higher at higher speeds. HH Hunk specs says that its top speed is 105 -108 kmph.. which might be the real ‘top speed’.

  5. hey boyes my Hunk is great. it is having alomost 180kmph top speed. i have tested it. i am the fastest indian. i have discovered the same when i was driving on express highway mumbai pune.

  6. Never ever buy a karizma zmr….its top speed is just 126 kmph….
    i just bought it n m regretting myself for buying the stupid bloody karizma zmr…

  7. hi guys i just wanna know how to get the good milege for bike . My bike is giving abut 40-45 km per liter,when m riding my bike of about 80 -85 kmhr on highway.
    so is it right speed for the milege or i should slow down the speed on highway.
    n in same case unicorn is giving milege of abut +50km perlit.
    n i had topped my bike till 128kmph on palm beach.

  8. hi guys this is rohit .i had topped my bike till 130 kmph. my bike gives milege of abut 34-40 km perlit.so how to increase the milege.
    n guys m finding some knocking in my bike wat it may b. if my bike is in 3rd gear n at some speed m getting knocking which i was not getting before.i dont know wat actually dat noise is but it hear like knocking. i have completed 25000km.

    • Hi,

      I have the same issue in 3rd gear its like you’r driving an auto rikshaw….service center guys are saying you need to get the entire engine work done.

    • Vishal angadi on

      Dud its the knocking of the engine as the fuel u provided to your bike may not be of good type…
      That is the octane number of the fuel u provided to your bike may be less and the impurities added to it may be more.So due to it u r able to here some knocking sound.

  9. hi! my self sameer to please inform you my bike gives milege of about 30-32km/lt. sohow increse the milege.i have completed only 6200 km or 3rd service is done ,then my bike milege is so poor.

  10. Amol Ruptakke on

    Also I have black Hunk
    I have Completed 21000 Km
    If I’m at 40 to 45 speed my hunk giving 68 km per liter on highway,in city 58-60 KMPL
    Because From the starting I’m using continusly Speed petrol & Speed oil. And also I put the nitrojen in tyre.That is why My Hunk is better than all over Hunk.

  11. HI,GUYS i choose HUNK coz much better than other 150cc segment marvellous sporty look compare with pulsar and apache,pulsar have engine noise after one year apache totally waste for ride FINALLY ”HUNK” HUNKING OTHER 150CC SEGMENTS GUYS CHOOSE HUNK.

  12. hero honda spec says its top speed is 108.. but it surely it gives more than 125.
    really powerful bike.. front look is good but i am not satisfied witn the rear look bcoz of poor tail design and tail lamp.. hero honda cbz having good looking. above all HONDA UNICORN is greatest bike…for smoothy ride..i dont know y they stopped manufacturing of unicorn150cc bike.have test drive in all bike u will feel the smoothness on unicorn.

  13. I’m going to purchase it. I have booked for it already. whether its mileage is good or not. I’m not a great rider. i will not go more than 70 kmph. suggest me please. i want a mileage atleast 50kmpl.

    • The mileage depends on ur speed n pick up of ur bike.
      Hunk looks good. if u maintain 50 or 60 bellow it gives u mileage.

    • Vishal angadi on

      Dud its a fantastic bike as i’m having it for about 6 months already. I get about 46 km-pl in city ride conditions and about 55 km-pl at the highways. Its awesome bike though u have to compromise with its slow pickup and acceleration and a bit high rear seating….

      But u will be enjoying a very comfy ride in it…

  14. @ANI…Do u own hunk personally??? we r riding it to a top speed of 120 n u r telling error?? i think error is in ur mind…

    • Vishal angadi on

      About 46 kmpl in city ride and 55 kmpl at highways. And if u ride within 3000-4000 rpm it may even give u more mileage…

  15. Hunk will deliver a high speed of 120KM/hr,and it gives a milage of 40kmpl,when coming to its pickup-style-balancing-adjustment @ EXCELLENT,Only back drop is seating style(some pressure on back bone on long drives),I own a hunk from 3-years all over it is SUPER.

  16. Hi guys, I own a hunk whos top speed hits 143Kmph. It gives milage of around 40 n dats enough in our roads. bt while in highways its milage goes upto 55. All over a superb bike with dashin looks, High pickup n mostly love its performance. I go wild wit ma bike for last 2-3 yrs cos its mnt 4 it.
    MOST ATTRACTIN THING**** Ma pulsar friends wont evn spot me while we race..



  18. I am using hunk silver bike, its very good bike for me. Milage 60speed 50kmpl its my bike usage by past 1 year…
    I love my bike.

  19. haii,frdz i got a new hero honda hunk, it is well performed , i think it is the best bike in 150cc,, i drived unicorn and pulsar,,..in both case ,i liked hunk,,,,, itz very powerful than apachii ..

  20. Hi frends, i was having yamaha FZ n it gave only 30 kmpl. Now I wanna buy a new bike. I’m confused whether 2 go for hunk or yamaha SZ-R. I need mileage as well as look. Can anyone suggest me?

    • I’m having hunk for 5years it is super in power and speed it attains top speed upto 132kmpl when you ride at 45-60 you will get the mileage of 45-50 mpl when in city condition when in high way you will get upto 55-60 at the speed of 70 kmpl

  21. well mileage is inversely propositional to speed……..as you increase your speed up to 100 or above for longer time the mileage falls…..as if u ride splendor on speed of 90 to 100 for longer time than it will give mileage of 45 to 55 kms..so better you ride bike for a long root up to 60 to 80….than u will get mileage above 50….my hunk is giving mileage between 50 to 60kms……….

  22. Manindra Murmu on

    Hi friends i also own a red hunk for three years its a fantastic bike in 150cc category braking,acceleration is awesome and my advice is if u want a good mileage including style and power go for it it is very comfortable bike the bike does nt give bad noise even after three years Hero Honda Rocks

    I’M writng this to the sensible ppl where in this web site…
    the tru speed that a HH hunk can touch with out any modifications is only 110 to 112kph !
    and with the modifications in the final drive ratio you can go upto 118kph ! tru speed !
    thats it !
    and my bike gives 33km per lit. when i drive at full throttle and the highest recorded fuel economy of my bike was 62 km per lit.. when i drove constantly in the 4000 to 5000 rpm range and with only 1/4th throttle operation.
    this the the truth !! anything more or less than this is BULL SHIT !

  24. Hi, Guys am confused to select Which bike is the best bike and I have two options one is Hero Honda Hunk and the other is SUZUKI GS 150R………

    Please tell me which bike I can go for….

    I need the detailed difference of both bike in :-

    1. Which is better in Mileage?
    2. Which is the best pick up?
    3. Which is best in Smooth Running ?
    4. Which has High Top speed?

  25. I want to know about hunk price in Nagpur,Maharashtra.
    Hunk’s milege
    hunk’s features
    pls. mail me about hunk’s specification with all other details.
    thanking you.

  26. i bought a bike in 2011 January.at that time its engine have some problem like noisy sound from its engine.i told to dealer and opened it several time, but the problem is still.the service engineers from herohonda came and checked it.but they cannot identify the problem they cheated me and very very bad service.so now i am going to court

  27. it is great bike it gives miliage 50 in city & on highway 60…great i would like suggest to this bike only…who want’s to take hunk….

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