Honda CBR650F Review


Honda CBR650F
Honda is only brand in India which has best sellers in all segments be it commuter, scooters or sports bikes. No doubt it was one of the main reasons of initial success of Hero Motocorp because of which it Hero is the market leader in India. However Honda is not very far behind and is a real threat to Hero supremacy. CBR650F is latest offering from the bike maker which is for sure going to wow the bike enthusiasts in India. Globally this bike is placed between CBR600RR and CBR500R.


Build quality for CBR650F is great and there is not rattling from the fairing which is generally seen in sports bike. It might take some real punishments. When it comes to design, there is nothing as outstanding but it doesn’t look bad either. The bike is fitted with H.I.S.S which is a anti theft device that disables the engine with electronics control.Meter console is stylish and gives all the necessary information required by rider.


The bike gets power from its 649cc liquid cooled engine that generates peak power of 86.5PS at 11,000rpm and maximum torque of 62.9Nm at 8000rpm. Most of the torque starts at 3000rpm and the best ride comes between 4000 to 8000rpm between which the ride is swift and the bike could overtake quickly without problem. There is not vibration or noise between this bracket. Once bike goes past it to 11,400rpm the peak, there is slight whine in this phase. The top speed for the bike is 232kmph and it could go from 0-100kmph in just 4.9 seconds. The bike is very good at taking turns and the refinement level for the engine is high. However some vibrations are felt in the handle at a constant speed of 130kmph (highways) and one a extended drive of 1-2 hours could leave a numb wrist.

Ride and Handling

The twin 320mm front disc and 240mm rear disc brakes with ABS gives good stopping power to the bike and stops it whenever required quickly. 41mm telescopic fork in front and seven stage preload adjustable monoshock absorbers at rear works great on Indian roads. The setup could take up bumps and bad roads with ease. The 120/70-17 in front and 180/55-17 at rear Dunlop tyres keeps the bike grounded and there is nothing much to complain there. The stiff ride suits Indian condition and is great for any type of roads.


The bike has one of the best mileage in the segment as it returns 23.4kmpl on city roads and gives 28kmpl average on highways.


The nearest rivals for this bike are Kawasaki Ninja 650, Kawasaki Z800 and Triumph Street Triple. Kawasaki Ninja 650 is Rs. 2.2 lakh cheaper than the Honda bike. However the drawback for Ninja is the lack of ABS. Kawasaki Z800 is Rs. 40,000 costlier but in that extra price one gets powerful engine and better specs but CBR650F has better ride quality than Z800 primarily on Indian roads.


The primary ingredient of a good bike is its chassis and engine and both are great in Honda CBR650F. But there are few shortcomings too. There is engine vibration at highway speeds which are noticeable. The heat generated from the engine gets on to the legs and this too is noticeable and could be uncomfortable in long rides. The third and most importable is that it is bit pricey (Rs. 8.3 lakh) if you compare it with Kawasaki Ninja 650 which is priced at Rs. 6.2 lakh.

2016 Honda CBR650F Prices and Specifications

Price: 8.3 lakh (On Road Mumbai)

Type: Liquid cooled, inline four cylinder, DOHC
Displacement: 649 cc
Power: 86.5PS at 11,000rpm
Torque: 62.9Nm at 8000rpm
Transmission: 6-speed Manual

City: 22.4kmpl
Highway: 27.6kmpl
Overall: 23.7kmpl

Top speed: 232kmph
0-100kmph: 4.9s
0-400m: 169kmph/13s

Other Specifications
Suspension(F): 41mm Telescopic Fork
Suspension(R): Monoshock with 7-stage spring preload
Brakes(F): 320mm Disc (ABS)
Brakes(R): 240mm Disc (ABS)
Tyre(F): 120/70-17 (Tubeless)
Tyre(R): 180/55-17 (Tubeless)
L x W x H: 2107mm x 753mm x 1149mm
Wheelbase: 1449mm
Kerb Weight: 215kg
Fuel Tank: 17.3L


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