Honda Dream Yuga Review


Honda Dream Yuga

Honda Dream is one of the best bikes when it comes to comfort and styling. The 2015 January sales figure proves that Indian buyers love the Japanese bike manufacturer. 57,281 units for it were sold in this month and that makes it 5th highest selling bike in India.

The ‘dream’ of every motor biker or say, common man in India is to have a motorbike that is economical. The mileage must be great, should overall be affordable, good engine power and of course decently styled. Living up to that dream, Honda came up with this brilliant two-wheeler that actually meets all those needs. Combining the old trustworthy name of the friend Honda with that of Indian ‘Yuga’, Honda aspires to rule the rooster in the country. And with the spotless track record, it sure seems to promise us just that.


Looking much like it handsome older brother CB Shine, Dream Yuga also portrays those guy next door looks with decent looks avoiding any unnecessary frills. The bare essential conservative look features the equipment such as twin pod instruments complete with fuel gauge, speedometer and odometer. The headlights well efficient for those drives at night time besides, the palm grips and seats are comfortable with good quality levers and switches and trendy graphics on the cowl and tank; coming handy with the package. The front cowl however is a striking feature with serves doubly as head turner and providing the bike with the right aerodynamic boost by cutting through the air.


The Honda Dream Yuga comes with the refined 110cc engine that is capable of pulling off a smooth ride.Combine this with the Intelligent Ignition system and you have a super power and torque that make sure you enjoy an effortless acceleration. The four stroke 110cc, single cylinder engine delivers a power of 8.5bhp at 7500rpm at its max while achieving a peak torque of 0.9kgm at 5500rpm. The clutch feels light to manoeuvre and the gear box with four speed accelerator bucks smoothly in an up-shift form. Acceleration is spirited and peppy as well until you reach the point around 70kph. The mileage is however, must be its USP, with 72kpl, I say fill it and forget it.

Comfort and Safety

The bike comes with a long seat to provide enough room for the rider as well as the pillion. The optimum placement of the foot pegs and handlebars, it allows the rider to sit comfortably in an upright posture to enjoy his ride fully. It comes with superb adjustable suspensions with five step adjusting capacity to adapt pertaining to the load and road conditions. They well absorb the shocks provided the undulations of the road owing to the twin hydraulic absorbers at the rear in addition to the front forks being telescopic. The bike is quite stable and easy to roll even in heavy traffic. With easy to handle and steer even in narrow lanes, no nook being too small or no angle being too weird for the fun-bike, thanks to the well gripping MRF rubber tubeless tyres, making it truly a comfortable and dream like carriage.


The Honda Dream Yuga comes in five attractive colors choose from; viz. silver, red, black, grey and brown.


Honda, a well-known name for sturdy and reliable beasts just catered to the economy conscious general masses with its Honda Dream Yuga which is light on the wallet and saves too. Now is there any reason not to buy it?


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