Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review


Royal Enfield Classic 350
With the advancement in world, people have developed a taste and all these people are ready to pay any amount in order to satisfy their taste buds. When it comes to the favorite motor bike of Indian population then no bike can beat Royal Enfield Classic. It has beaten every bike in the contemporary Indian market with huge margin. People living in North to the natives from south, every one of them is incomparable fan of this amazing bike.

Royal Enfield Classic over the time has been transformed into a reputation. Owning a Royal Enfield in India is like maintaining standard. Let’s talk about the performance of the bike on the road and in the market.

Designed and manufactured in the southern part of the country, it has acquired a huge number of orders over the time. The new classic model of the Enfield is a rage among people. Talk about its awesome design or talk about the class apart style it leverages you with. The bike gains brownie points at every front.

Though there are very less people who buy this bike because of the engine it possess but then there is no bike which runs around the world without an engine. The 346 cc engine with a back end support of single cylinder, 4 stroke, and twin spark unit generator allows the rider to take it through rough and tough roads with great ease and grace. The amazing performance of bike in the rural areas of the country has made it the first choice of the people. The 4000RPM provides the engine with the requisite energy and power so that it can take all the pressure the innocuous roads in India has to serve with.

The bike has installed five speed transmission gears to transfer the speed from the rotational engine to the wheels. The world is more than impressed to have a bike with multi-plate clutch that makes the transmission easier and swift.

The beautiful combination of powerful engine and a multi-plate clutch that transmit the power to the wheels is probably one of the best reasons why millions of people throughout the country are crazy about this one bike. Royal Enfield Classic is an epitome of automobile engineering and hence there is no doubt that people are ready to pay any amount for such bikes.

Top Speed
When we have five transmission modes and a rotation of 4000 RPM then the speed for obvious is bound to better. The bike is known to have a high speed of 80mph. The 4 stroke engine works with great ease to produce this kind of speed that is good enough to challenge any contemporary bike.
A bike with amazing style, powerful engine and such exquisite speed is bound to make people go crazy in the country.

Style Quotient
No bike stands a chance in front of the Royal Enfield Classic when it comes to style quotient and when it comes to making a statement then you will have to go with the Royal Enfield.

The spoke based wheels are designed to carry a lot of weight. The artiste design of the wheel divides the whole weight of the rider equally into different direction which saves the tire from absorbing a lot of pressure from the above. The tire is already under a lot of pressure because of the damaged roads in India and hence it is important to make use of engineering and reduce the pressure from at least one direction and hence the spoke based wheels are used in the new and all the models of the Royal Enfield.

The speed, the style, the power and the overall appeal is something that is going to make you crave for the bike and there is no point or there is no argument for not buying this bike if you can buy it. So visit your nearest showroom today and book one Enfield for you.


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