Yamaha FZ25 Review – Engine, Performance, Mileage & Prices


Advantages: All rounder, Good Handling, Great Ride Quality, Strong, Solid
Disadvantage: Price and Price

Yamaha FZ25
10 years back Yamaha launched it one of the most successful model FZ16. The chassis was strong enough to hold a more powerful engine. People waited for the new model with more punch and the wait was a bit longer this time. Here comes all new Yamaha FZ25 to win hearts of millions especially people who loved FZ16. The new bike is not one of the best in pricing or specs but it has something which others do not have. The premium commuter bike with extra power whenever the need arises.

Design & Features

It has low headlamps with vicious or aggressive looks. The headlamp houses 3 LED lights, one 9W for high beam and two 13W units for low beam. When put on high beam, all 3 lights up with a total of 35W.

There are 2 large extensions on the tank that acts as air vents. The tank is heavy and bulky with Yamaha logo on both sides of the tank. The tank protection pad is offered as an accessory but should have been part of the bike.

The grab rails at the rear are very easy to hold. The split seat looks good and very familiar.

One of the best part of this bike is its functional LCD screen that is digital. Some of the primary display features of the unit are –

  • Trips
  • Fuel economy data
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Clock
  • Side stand warning
  • Gear position

The plastic panels are light and thin. This was done deliberately to lower down the overall weight of the bike. It has to be seen if these panels could stand the test of time.

Engine and Performance

Yamaha FZ25 Front
Yamaha FZ25 is fitted with two-valve, air-cooled 249cc engine that gives out 24.9PS of power at 8000rpm. It has a maximum torque of 20Nm at 6000rpm. The engine is designed to bring down the frictional losses and give a boost to combustion efficiency. A bit compromise in the max power is cushioned with the great reliability of the engine primarily in Indian conditions. By reliability, we mean that even if the bike is not serviced on time, it could make up for rider’s forgetfulness.

The peak torque for the bike comes into play at just 6000rpm. 90% of this is available at just 3500rpm which is yet another feather in its cap. The bike is a winner at low to medium ranges than a flat performance. The power for the bike is smooth and there is not a sudden surge in power at different gears. At low revs the bike performance is awesome but it could take the punishment with ease even at 10,000rpm. 110km/hr could be attained easily and on highways could run at this speed for a long time. The fatigue starts sipping in when it is pushed beyond this speed. There might be a bit of vibration at 120km/hr which could cause fatigue for longer rides.

The bike has a maximum speed of 140km/hr. The sixth gear is missed at high speed but above all this bike is not made primarily built for roaring on the roads.


The claimed mileage of Yamaha FZ25 is 40km/l of petrol. It means that a full tank of 14 litres could take you for a 560kms.

Ride and Handling

The kerb weight for the bike is 148kg but the bike feels lighter while driving. The rider has to lean a bit while driving. The ride would be comfortable for tall riders too as feet are slightly folded while driving. The seat height is 795mm which could be easily accessed by not so tall riders too.

The 17inch MRF Zappers tyres provide good road grip. The tyres are cheaper than the radial tyres, the one used in FZ16.

The ride quality of the bike is good. A good mix of comfort for city rides with intense and eager enjoyment primarily for long rides.

The front and rear a disc brake are soft initially but gives a good stopping power when pushed a bit further.


The price for the bike is around Rs. 1.34 lakh on road Delhi. This might be a bit costly for a premium commuter bike. The other drawback of the bike is that it is not fitted with ABS. Most of the other bikes in this range all have ABS as standard.


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