The top 4 Indian Power Bikes

The top 4 Indian Power BikesThe top 4 Indian Power Bikes TVS Apache RTR 160, Hero Honda CBZ X-treme, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i and Honda Unicorn have given Indian bike lovers to experience speed and power at handlebar. The high adrenaline motorcycle segment was discovered by our old Hero Honda back in 1999 with its CBZ. Since then Indian motorcycle manufacturers are in no mood of slowing down. Sensing the potential in this segment Bajaj Auto launched Pulsar which gave people in India real feel of speed and power.

TVS recently announced the launch of its TVS Apache RTR 160. Let’s have a look at some of the major features of our fantastic four:

  • CBZ X-treme: 58,055
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i: 58,200
  • Honda Unicorn: 55,950
  • TVS Apache RTR 160: 57,382


  • CBZ X-treme: 5.43sec
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i: 5.42sec
  • Honda Unicorn: 6.08sec
  • TVS Apache RTR 160: 5.01sec

Top Speed:

  • CBZ X-treme: 113kph
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i: 109kph
  • Honda Unicorn: 112kph
  • TVS Apache RTR 160: 117kph

KM per Liter:

  • CBZ X-treme: 48.2
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i: 52.2
  • Honda Unicorn: 52
  • TVS Apache RTR 160: 42.1

All of the above 4 motorcycles are sporty, looks terrific and are highly efficient bikes with each catering to specific type of riders. Margin between best bike in the segment and the runner ups is shrinking with competition getting fierce. On one hand Pulsar is stylish, has a excellent ride quality, gives best value for money while on the other hand Unicorn and Honda X-treme are best with their great handling capabilities and engine refinement.

You could choose a bike in these easily if you know what you want out of it namely ride, handling, speed, power, fuel economy and engine.

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  1. sishir says:

    I really appreciate you for taking time to post the above news. I feel that all the sections need to be revised. The top speed of the apache doesn’t match with the top speed of apache 150. It can’t be of rtr either, because its 118kmph for an RTR and 0-60kmph is 4.8secs. the price that is mentioned is close to that of an apache 150 without electric start, which was off the manufacturing line for a long time now. apache 150 of not being manufactured now, for that matter. so, please review the details before you quote them here in the blog

  2. admin says:

    The bike mentioned is “TVS Apache RTR 160″ and according to my knowledge these data are right. The prices might differ between cities.

  3. Tushar Mistry says:

    HI my ht. is 5′-6″..recently i own Yamaha Enticer..but looking for a change…happy with the bike & its comfortable too….but power is very less..can u suggest me some bike which would suite to my ht.other than Bajaj Eliminator or Avenger. I was kindof making a choice between Bajaj Pulsar or TVS Apache..Kindly guide

  4. AMITESH says:


  5. aMIT says:

    bajaj pulsar good bike

  6. ABHI says:


  7. faizan says:

    respected sir,
    i do not want to interfere in u r views , but i do have a bajaj pulsar dtsi 150. 2005 model with alloy wheel n i my self have driven it to a top speed of 120 kmph , so i dodnt agree to u r views about the bikes top speed, even my friend has the same pulsar of 2006, n he also have driven his bike at plz check the speed again .
    i m extreamely sry if i have said something wrong.
    with respect
    faizan ilahi.

  8. Ashray says:

    Although bajaj pulsar 150 dts-i has 109kph but in reality it goes comfortably to 114kph.

  9. Aditya.V says:

    I think in the top 4 power bikes catagory should also contain Hero Honda KARIZMA.

  10. Tasfique Ahmed says:

    I 100% CBZ Extreme is the Faster bike in 150-160cc sigment. Because i have ride it 120Kph+ with my friend. SO if U want to prove me wrong then Try with your CBZ-Extreme with Full Throttle in 5ht Gear. But wear a Helmet..

  11. Sankar says:

    hay buddy, i’ve reached 115 kmph in Pulsar 150 in NH 17 A at Goa. i had maintained that speed for 4 sec.

  12. devesh bhardwaj says:

    Although bajaj pulsar 150 dts-i has 109kph but in reality it goes comfortably to 118kph. and i have also fixed single line nos kit in it and my bike easly catch the speed of 155kph.

  13. Jasper says:

    Pulsar has its superiority……..

  14. Yogesh says:

    this is yogesh from dehi, without no doubt all the bikes have good speed and better tranmission but here we forget mention about the new Honda Unicorn soprty model. It is surely not a fastest but a good speed taping bike as one of my friend own this bike has claimed that this bike as topped speed of 124 kmph and giving mileage of 55-60 kmpl in city conditions and also it gives 0-60kmph in just 5 sec best after cbz-xtreme and tvs apache rtr 160.


  15. Ebenezer says:

    Pulsar 150CC is the best

  16. Mahendra says:

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI 2007 model is best in all da 150 or 18- cc bikes Karizma Max Speed is arround 125 Pulsar 150 cc go on max 120 kph

  17. i have got apache rtr 16o which cost me at Rs.60,500 in yellow colour and yellow colour is 1000 bugs expencive then other colours and by the way rtr has got racing thotlle response(rtr) which makes it different from other bikes and it has got great pick-up and as the company says (tvs) that apache 160 rtr touches 0-60 km/hr in 4.8 sec.

  18. Sanjeev says:

    Hi, It is quite known fact that no bike can compete the pulsor. My 2004 model still gives me 114 kph. The hero hone extreme is nothing when it comes to pulsor. I always recommend pulsor as I have tested all bkes.

  19. Sanjeev says:

    I extremely disagree with your view regarding the top speed of pulsar. It can run beyond 117 kph. I hope you will take the test again and confirm it. I have reached 117… when I tested it in the Airport road of Imphal. The definitely male is ever the top.

  20. anto says:

    pulsar is super bike..but pickup is low compare with apache160rtr,cbz extreme,but long pickup is high compare with cbzextreme..pulsar topspeed 120kmph+,cbzx 113kmph
    so buy pulsar group(150dtsi)

  21. Peter Prasad says:

    Hi sir,

    I am thinking of purchasing bike either Pulsar or TVS i am bit confeus.

    so ll you please guide me for which i ll go for…..

  22. Peter Prasad says:

    Oh sorry i didnt mention TVS Apache, so ll you please guide me, for which on
    i ll go for……

  23. Aniket Pawar says:

    I own Honda unicorn .who touch the top speed of 135km/hr on mumbai agra highway so. this is reality. so i think u should upadate ur information regarding HONDA unicorn. I liked your site. it was good to see unicorn in top 5 bikes.

  24. LUCKY says:

    Pls help me i m very much confused.
    I hav been waiting 4 apache rtr FI 4 d last couple of months.
    Now d TVS has recently launched apache rtr 2008 carb vesion not wid FI.
    pls sumbody tell me
    1. dat wen in Delhi d new apache 2008 wil b available 4 sale.
    2. price, mileage & specs of new apache.
    3. Overall comparison b/w old and new rtr.
    4. Pls post sum close pics of new rtr.
    I m 5’8, wil rtr 2008 suitable 4 me..??

  25. Apache rtr 2008 is named as a REFRESH version… It got some Advantages like
    *Air scoops for efficient engine cooling
    *Data logging like in Sports bikes(R1..Ninja…)
    =It will be available within a Week ….
    -Costs Rs:500 more than standard Apache rtr model

  26. Specifications are Same as standard Apache… So no engine/internal changes/modifications….
    ** it has Tank extension like Hunk … Some how looked slightely big than Standard Apache in Front….
    **if u dont like u can remove that Tank extensions…

  27. gere says:

    hai i own a pulsar in which i had reached the top speed of 120kmph so better buy pulsar….east or west pulsar is the best

  28. Vinany H. says:

    In my view, Apache rtr 160 has great look too besides its speed, egronomics, and design. It is also very comfortable. It is truely the best.

  29. AmitK says:

    I want to buy 50/Liter average and CC Power above 125 CC bike
    Pl Sugeest

  30. sarang D, says:

    hey, your information is realy good.
    but no one has mentioned about the durability of any bike. what about the suspentions ? which is the best and also about mentenance?

  31. abu jeelani says:

    hi guyz ,i have honda unicorn 2006 model it was touching the top speed of 122 kmph and it gives 53-56 mileage in city ride.superb pickup and and good starting. so unicorn is my choice and the best ever bike.

  32. suhas. says:

    here im searching for power bike..please could answer me which one is good bike.the bike should satisfy all requirements as such..better mileage,power,cost of bike, compatiable to indian roads.

  33. rahul says:

    hi friends..
    yaar i think u peoples r making me confuse..
    i m bit confuse with apache rtr 160 as itz tvs product(alwaz trail back) & hero honda hunk(good n mileage but not attaractive as apache) & bajaj pulsar.(common bike now on road)

    i need a bike with looks…& good average..with high speed doesnt matter too much

    so pls tell me…

    mail me at

    (right now i m stick with apache rtr 160…so can i go 4 it)

  34. rahul says:

    suggest me one bike out of it
    2-apache rtr 160

    & please tell me y not the other one…what r the drawbacks in them

    tell mileage of both…(minimum to maximum mileage)

    mail me at

  35. harish says:

    guy tell which is the best bike between pulsar dts-i or apache rtr 160. both in terms of money and value and performance.

  36. harish says:

    because i am planning to by new bike. so i need the good suggestion from you all.

  37. mathivanan says:

    hi all,

    i have two choice

    1. hunk
    2. unicorn

    please tell me which is better?
    my mail id :

  38. Dara says:

    Honda Unicorn is ofcourse the best all rounder, as I have ridden the bike from Mumbai to Lhasa(Tibet) via Nepal thru worst conditions, highest altitudes, rough terrain,getting 74kpl, at various speeds with full load, thru monsoon & chill whether, & no brek-down nor puncture.

  39. DHEERAJ REDDY says:

    apache is the best

  40. maddy says:

    I am know going to buy a bike ,my height is 5′9 ,weight 55 so tell me which bike is better for me RTR 160or pulsar 150or unicorn .

  41. aviram says:

    BTW all you bike experts…the top speed of baja pulas 150 dtsi is 109 kmph…i own it…i knw u can ‘go’ at 115 kph but there is a difference between indicated speed and actual speed. My karizma go’s upto 140 but at that time the actual speed is around 125…which is the highest speed.

  42. sukhwinder says:

    bullet 500 : this is an awsome bike… a male bike… king of the beasts… karizma is also cool… i have both karizma n bullet 500… but still i say bullet is the king of the beasts… the maharaja bike…..

  43. velu says:

    pls update your Comparison with yamaha R15

  44. abuthahir says:

    honda unicorn is best bike for’s stylish shape and very good pick up.i suggest honda unicorn

  45. raghav says:

    hi all,
    i wanna purchase 150 cc.i have two options pulsar&unicorn but im confused which one to take & compare the costs according to bangalore which one is good for long span.
    plzzzz help me..

  46. mahesh says:

    i have ridden all the 150 cc bike including 160cc RTR apache.but non of the bike ienjoyed very much as riding the wing rider from honda it was like a whole diffrent world

  47. pankaj says:

    hey guys . here pankaj from ahamdabad. so stop fighting on topic of best bike. now the best bike in india of 150 to 160 segment is out. sensational new apache rtr efi 160. i got one new. so rided it .n believe me guys its superb. my frend hav pulsar200 also. n i hav rided that also bt rtr efi is awesome. its just fabulous. so go for it guys.

  48. manish kacholiya says:

    hey guys, hear manish from bhilwara Rajasthan, from my sight i am atrect from TVS Apache RTR 160 i drive all types of bykes but apache is real super bikes i love to drive apache ,pulsar is also good but apache is best

  49. PRINCE says:

    hi gies,

    m not agree with all these thing. .which are give above.

    i have pulsar 180 nd i had drived it on 138 km/h..

    so ..
    and some one saying karizma is best..
    bt ..its noting …infront of me whn i m on ma bike..
    so beaware..

    the hardest hunk is ..back

    PRINCE..the rusty .drive

    dont forget


  50. jagan says:

    y do u guys bother about top speed of the bike? whos going to drive at that speed and 4 how many km. not only do top speed matter but also the brakingand aerodynamics
    if u guys wanna new bike checkout 4 milage,pickup(bhp),suspension,relaibility, cost of ownership (spares), maintanance,
    As per my knowledge unicorn is the best. it has the decent milage, style,comfort,suspension which one should mainly look for on indian roads.its relaible too when compared to all other bikes. it has a longer life than others

  51. dinesh says:

    i was confused when i was thinking which bike is better either tvs apache 160rtr or pulsar dtsi,but now i know apache is best in all of them,hunk is kuda – kabara,pulsar is like auto riksaw on road,ok so go with apache160 RTR

  52. Ajaas says:

    Apache RTR 160 is superior to all other bikes in speed, style, maintanance,mileage with its class

  53. Ravi Kr says:

    Hi guys
    I own a Black Apache RTR 160 just bought in july 2008
    till now top speed reached 122 km/hr and was able to maintain that speed for almost 15 secs tried it on delhi jaipur highway
    i will say that apache is a good bike the only drawback is bike is low in hieght
    but i still like far more than any other bike

  54. Nitin says:

    Pulsar 150. UG3. top speed reached 120(with pillion). No modification.
    digital speedo.. so margin of error is least.

  55. Bhupendra says:


    this is Bhupendra from NOIDA. i am planning to buy a 150cc bike, i am interested in HH Hunk or Pulsar 150 cc, but i am confused, which to buy?
    i need a bike with great engine performance, pick-up, mileage, comfort, handling and offcourse low maintenance cost.

    can anybody help me out……….?

    Thanks in advance

  56. Chintamani says:

    these are scrap bike. If you are really looking for thrill,performance, power go for Yamaha.FZ 16 alone can beat to all 150-180 CC segments bikes in india. It’s realyy touching your heart.

    trust Yamaha…

  57. Pramod Hari says:

    In 150-160cc segment,no other bike can even be compared with RTR 160.I have 5 friend of mine who were owning Pulsar 180 and changed to RTR 160 after riding my bike.The top speed of pulsar my friends claim to have achieved is really different from the actual road speed.No pusar 150 has crossed 107kmph(true road speed)which is certified by the company itself.Even I have clicked 124 in my speedo knowing the fact thatits top speed is 118kmph.I have covered a distance of 322kms(2 lane highway,not 4 lane between chennai and banglore)in 3hrs 58 mins.So without doubt RTR 160 is the fastest and consistent leaving all other rivals miles behind.It has given me a pretty good avg of 45 in chennai city under extreme traffic conditions(my speed used to be below 30 and above 80 depending on the traffic,never used to ride for mileage)

  58. Pramod Hari says:

    Dear Bhupendra,
    Pls read my comments on Appache RTR 160.You can have a 160 cc bike for thr prize of a 150 cc one and off cource this is the cheapest to maintain since it comes from TVS.Its weight is less than any available 150 cc bike,faster,reliable and breaking(wow!!!).So easy to negotiate curves at faster speeds withouy shifting the gears down.Pls re thinh if you have not bought ur bike until now.

  59. valentine says:

    ihave apache 160. its rpm reaches above 12 . i dont know hw it possible, bt apache is pagal bike and it beat pulser 180cc and yamaha fz . top speed 135km/hr..

  60. valentine says:

    i just buy bike 15 days before and its average 42. . its really nice bike and it not buffering….

  61. GV says:

    Rx 100 has max speed of 135km/h.
    Rx 135 125km/h

  62. rubal says:

    IN short words i say that Apache rtr 160 is the best bike among all other bikes as i have ridden all other bikes.&the higher level of bike among apache is royal enfield as this bike comes in another segment…… i always advice for apache rtr 160……

  63. Karthik Ashok says:

    Talking about these bikes and power is like an oxymoron

  64. deva says:

    hi, guys………..
    who the hell says apache RTR 160 is the best,
    i have one……….
    its running kms are at 25000 and its now at workshop due to engine blow.

  65. the sree says:

    The Apache 160 RTR Refresh Really Rocks.
    Superb Performance,Pick up & handling.

  66. Harshit Gangal says:

    hi, i want to buy a new bike .. i have a range of 45-60K . Plz help me find a good bike within my range.
    thanks in advance

  67. valentine says:

    its my second post here….. my apache rtr gve me average 55km … nice bike….

  68. SAURABH SINGH says:


  69. R>D> says:

    c according to me, the two best bikes r 180 ug3 pulsar(150/180) and karizma too is a decent bike. rtr is a dead bike.. xcpt for the fact its small nd racy, it can never match a 180 in terms of performance… r15 is another gud bike.. ut gets jammed for it fuel efficiency and skinny tires… for a smooth safe nd cool ride go for a pulsar…

  70. R>D> says:

    yup one thing more. no person would like to sel off a 180 for a dead rtr. 180 has a actual speed of 134kmph. tested at new rewa highway…

  71. sakthi says:

    apache rtr rocks
    and for the one who said he had a blown engine
    AND DONT TREAT YOUR BIKE LIKE A DONKEY.AND STOP BLAMING THE BIKE FOR UR FAULT. my friend has rtr and its reading is 30000+ and is still running fine.

  72. qoom says:

    TVS Apache RTR 160 fi really roks with the latest new feature like fuel injector good mileage 50, good pick up and max top speed 124 KMh. it really rocks but the price is so high as 70000/- although no doubt about bike it suparb Performance & handling in 150 to 160 segment.

  73. shah says:

    im going 2 purchase a bike in abt 2 days and im really confused between apache rtr160 and pulsar 180…pls sumone advice abt this.and also pls tell which 1 gives good mileage…pls advice

  74. VARUN SHARMA says:

    hi every one !!!
    i hv bajaj pulsar 150 , but who the hell says that bajaj pulsar runs at the speed
    of 109 km/h , I drive it at 124km/h by just sitting in a right position and with fully opened throttel . while racing one should bend while siting on the bike , This really makes a difference. Try it !!!

  75. Krishna says:

    What kind of Non sense some of the comments are….

    The top that shows in the speedo is not accurate.. Only way to check the correct speed is through GPS.. Every bike come with 5-10% inaccuracy..

    I see some people asking the bike would fit for their height… Go try it yourself.. You have to test drive each bike and buy the one that fits your body and your pocket..

    Where in the hell you want to go 120KM/Hr? How long can you hold at that speed in our country???

    I would suggest to buy a bike which is comfortable and that can boost your confidence… I can beat many newest bike with any old Hero Honda… I am relatively swift rider.. It doesn’t matter how fast the bike goes… You should handle it right…

  76. karthik says:

    hello guys this is karthik am great lover of CBZ extreme !!!its a amazing look and fabulous bike.!! i reached 120km in ECR !!! a disc play is very good in cbz ext…. for hieght ppls cbz ext suit very well ,best road gripe,high pikup!!!CBZ EXTREME IS A ROCKING BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Sid says:

    I totally agree with KRISHNA above! But If you’re a college student, you need to look flashy and sophisticated and hence there is a need for a fast stylish bike…

  78. Anthony Dsouza says:

    I drove my Apache RTR 160 at a top speed of 131 kmph. And ive even clicked a snap to proove it. Apache is the best.

  79. amit says:

    hi this is amit from bokaro.i think apache is the best bike & ihave an apache too


    Now a days all the bikes are nice in speed and pick up also in style and look but there is no bike in our india to beat YAMAHA RX 100

  81. B.Venkatesh says:

    i have Apache RTR 160. In the top u guys have mention that 117 and some other guys has 120 is the top speed i have went 131 in high ways, so please check the top speed

    Thanks & Regards

  82. ajitesh mohanty says:

    well hellos to all u fellaz out der….man it really depends wat u want your bike to have….or simply which one suits u….the new pulsar 150cc seriously draws a lot of buyers …that obviously owes to its flawless performance and muscular looks…this is a good bike from all point of view …and the cbz extreme even though hasnt got all that muscular and sporty looks…but its engine would give some really outstanding performance…remember…hero honda?? desh ki dhadkan!!…hmmm but above all …if u happen to be one of those speed loving …retro riders ..then just go n grab yourself the new rtr 160…this bike has seriously got some macho looks…looks both sporty , muscular n heavy…its throttle would get u some attention in the crowd …no matter wat bike the next guy iz riding…n yea ..this bikes gonna show u some real speed…..take a test ride n u will know urself!!!

  83. koushik das says:

    Appache rtr160 is the best car among the all 2 wheeler in all sence.

  84. Laxman (Hyderabad says:

    Where is the Yamaha Fazer on list. Its Father all the bikes you have listed. The speed, The style, The Macho look, Advanced Technology, ….. It’s great bike. Little expensive (on road 81,250 Rs in Hyderabad) but looks fair if you consider all the advanced features that yamaha introduced in this bike…. The above mentioned bikes doesn’t look smarter anymore after the intro of the FZ’s and now FAZER…. It’s Baap….


  85. Viki says:

    I have a pulsar 150 dtsi 2005. Its a good bike, so for no any major issues. Rear brake light got fused twice and back shockabsorber is stiff may be refilling the gas will fix the isssue. On full throtle it goes to 105 kph with in 1/2 kilometer never tried after that. Gives an average of 50 in city conditions. So far 18000 km done.

  86. Manish chaubey says:

    I am great lover of TVS Apache 160 RTR .I drove my Apache RTR 160 at a top speed of 116 kmph and over tack SAHI TRUPATI bus . SAHI TIrupati is the fastest bus in this root. I rich this speed on Darbhanga TO Muzaffarpur hiway.

  87. joel fernandes says:

    hi i own a apache rtr 160 and im satisfied with the looks,pickup,brakingand handling of the byke ………….
    but when it comes to gear shift it slightely gives me a prob. any ways im happy with the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    joel peter fernandes

  88. Sumit Sonkar says:

    Pulsar 150 Is Best Bike Of Any Other Bike.

  89. BILAL SIDDIQUI says:

    I owned a “TVS APACHE RTR 160 WITH REAR DISC” ,,,
    I think some data is need to be refresh…
    Because I have drived my bike at 125 kmph,,but my bike did not freeze on 125 kmph but it was not its top speed could go beyond that …
    So it speed is 125+ kmph ,,, and it is giving 45 kmpl easily…
    So please update. these details

  90. Mukul Saharia says:

    hi frnz..
    i m not agree with this given data..
    i hv PULSAR DTS-i 150 i ws on the national highway-2.
    the top speed with 2 person was 111 kmph .
    thats y i m not agree with this data.
    i think pulsar is d best….


  91. ASHFAQ says:


  92. Gravity Warrior says:

    i have a hero honda CBZ X and i had driven it upto 127 km/h.
    and it was like whooaa. i was competing with pulsar 200 and haha..
    it was stucked at 125 km/h. its a very good bike having a lot of power.

  93. jithin says:

    al rtr guys!! just laugh at dos hu say pulsar 150/180 s better dan apache… even dey kno dey r wrong,took pulsar so its… sayin just coz i hav used both rtr nd 180 over 10k kms. a gud rider n pulsar may cum klos 2 u in da mid80s,giv him a glance ,smile nd leave him der. ma 4 top biks r r15,karizma,rtr nd cbz-xtreme

  94. mohit says:

    hey dude ur cbz x sucks coz my pulsar 150 goes to 132km/hr with a pillon without nos and with single line nos it goes to 173km/hr on delhi-jaipur highway. so dont dare to compare pulsar with anyone coz its not in female bikes ,its all about BAJAJ PULSAR-DEFENITELY MALE ,, and remember its not fake coz i can show u this and remember my speedometer was right , coz i hav checked it at service center

  95. Remo says:

    I have honda unicorn just great pick up & great mileage of 50 to 55 in city & 65 to 67 on highway a noiseless machine great machinery great bike.

  96. deepak kumar says:

    pulser is the best

  97. Shankar says:

    hey dont worry about the top speed ..i have Hero Honda HUNK and my vehicle top speed is 123kmph ..and has more pick up than pulsar and apache with less engine noise,,,hey guys top speed depends the Way u DRIVE,,,PERFECT GEAR SHIFT ONLY MATTERS it will do Any vehicles…..

  98. b.ashoke vigneshwaran. says:

    hero honda cbz treme is the best bike it has beautiful out look,it has top speed than other three bikes

  99. Parakh says:

    Thanks to the website designers i got a knowledge actually i am confused between apache rtr 180 and fz16 , can u help i want to own a new bike…..

  100. sime says:

    none other than cbz xtreme……

  101. Sandeep N. Shetty says:

    I have pulsar 150 ud4. It is just a 6month old n my top speed is 120kph i local road n i believe that it can go upto 130kph easily in NH. I luv u pulsar ….:)


  102. nishant says:

    Try Yamhah RD350 you will forget to drive any 150,180 even pulsur 220.

  103. sabu says:

    cbz xtreme is horrible…………..its very gud in this catagory……………….

    bajaj pulsar and tvs apache 160 RTR is a waste one………..its can be uses only for 1 year….damn shit………..

  104. raj says:

    i have de rtr 4de past 2yrs. Its given me 45kms/litre at an average.obviously de rtr has a superior pick up n top speed.but de vibrations r unbearable..i’ve touched 130 singles n 120 in doubles.pulsar 150 can’t reach 120 i bet.Ha ha..guys don’t compare a pulsar 180 wid de rtr rtr160 is de lower category. De rtr180 is faster dan ur pulsar180 any day. Ha ha.unicorn is a quiet n smooth bike fun 2cruise..hero honda cbz is heavy bike not easy 2handle unless ur used 2it.a gud mileage. Its not a racing bike but it looks rtr is used on de race rtr has de best combination f speed n mileage. Wid de rtr 160 fi its even more better.any way ur de 1 whose gonna make de decision..test drive all de bikes ..rx 100 is junk..don even think abt it..even shit is better..m not joking :-)

  105. soham says:

    hey guys,…..stop fighting among yourselves over the matter of speed……remember handling comes first,then acceleration and then top speed…….btw where in this country do you expect to drive the bikes at 100+ km/h except the highways????? I own an fz-s and an r1 and let me tell you that i love my fz-s more than the r1 despite it being much,much,much more expensive………the fz-s has got terrific styling,superb handling,trustworthy,reliable and durable yamaha drivechain,monocross suspension,140/60*17 inches rear radial tyre,superb low range torque………these are more than enough for city riding though its top speed being 109kmph……………..and if you guys wanna know why i like it more than my r1,that’s simply because of its terrific handling and accleration………… if you guys still wanna fight over top speeds,then let me let you know guys that i have taken my r1 at speeds crossing 280kmph(i didnt have the courage to look at the speedo at such speeds)in the highways but to handle it in traffic is very difficult since you have to keep that clutch pressed constantly or else the bike will accelerate to 60kmph(in the first gear)and the 20lakh beast will end up in a crash under a truck……..understand?????????

  106. Whats in the name says:

    I have heard Pulsar Bike Engines are not lasting…you gotta pay a lot of cash for maintenance….

  107. harshit says:

    apache is the best pulasr is nothing around him

  108. Guys overall Pulsar is best in mileage, pickUp , etc….

  109. reynole says:

    i don’t know about much of your research on the top speed of the pulsar 150 but i just touched 124km in Mysore road Bangalore last Friday, and i think top speed is not so predictable depending only on the bike cause it also depends on the guts and stability of the rider but as a matter of fact everything has its limit,

  110. musthafa says:

    sir in my bike APACHE 160RTR FI , I SET TOP SPEED OF 125kmph so pls change ur opinion sir,,,

  111. ravi says:

    i am and i m 5’5 which the best bike for me pulser 150, apatchi 160rtr
    please tell me

  112. lavakumar reddy says:

    hi i have reached 111kmph in tripple riding tat to we waited around 200kg on pulsar 150-DTSI…2007 model modified to pulsar 200cc look… single riding i have reached top speed of 119kmph……..pulsar is the best bike in its pickup……..

  113. vijay mahi says:

    i can say pulsar 150 is the best bike to buy.. as a pulsar holder i can say ,, its top speed is 119-124kmp/h and it can give milage of 42-48kmp/.. for slow driver it can give upto 58 kmpl..

  114. prashant says:

    guys there is speedo error which exists in every bike. So whatever you see in the speedometer it is not the real speed. The actual speed is always less than that.

  115. dinesh says:

    Apache. Has very less road grip. V get fear after 110 km speed . pulser 180 is best it doest vibrate even at 120 speed

  116. Jk says:

    I do accept it all the above vehicles can go faster,it all depends on drivers weight and wind flow,I own A pulsar 180dtsi 2007 model and I have driven it max 130 kmph for 1 hour on Nh 45 and my weight was 45 to 50 kg and present in my bike I cant even touch max 100 due to my put up in body weight 68 to 70 kgs.I vote pulsar 220dtsi.

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