Reva: Small Car – Big Savings


Reva Review: Reva, India’s first electric car is a pioneer of technological innovation by Bangalore based Reva Electric Car Company Private Ltd (RECC). Seven years of R&D and you have a stylish, comfortable and easy to use car. This eco-friendly car launched in 2001, has been successively rated high on its fuel economy and low ownership costs. A family car that can easily accommodate two adults and two children, it sets the perfect picture for the new urban family car.

Reva’s unique small size and fully automatic – no gear, no clutch technology makes it easy to drive in cities branded for its heavy traffic. The biggest advantage of Reva lies in its fuel economy at Rs 0.40 paisa per km. Reva can be easily charged with its on board portable charger at home or at work. Rest assured, you can drive to work in case of a fuel strike too. Reva claims to give 80km /hr plus speed per electrical charge. The car is 80% charged in 2.5 hours and 100% charged in 7 hours. A fully charged Reva could approximately drive a range of 48 miles.

Its fuel gauge along with a low battery warning light makes it easy for the driver to estimate the potential driving range. Reva ensures passenger safety with high impact resistance exteriors and a specially designed large front crush zone.

Its plush leather interiors with its climate control enabled motor AC are a modest luxury in itself. Its power steering ensures a smooth drive while the power windows ensure a comfortable journey. Although the Reva’s appearance makes storage space totally impossible, its rear folding seats makes that an easy reality.

In 2005, Reva saw a 25% increased growth not just due to high fuel prices but also due to increased awareness and acceptance from its customers. In a survey conducted by Overdrive, a leading bike and car magazine, Reva emerged as the True Value Car. This survey highlighted that Reva had beaten other cars in two vital parameters: money spent on fuel and cost of ownership. Reva was also touted as a low maintenance car that gave higher returns.

While Reva may be preferred over petrol vehicles for its fuel efficiency, easy to park and easy on road features. Reva loyalists are rooting for additional interior space, more power and attractive appearance.

Reva is an ideal car for small distance commutes like from your home to work. Its high sticker price owing to superior technology may not seem like an ideal choice if you are looking at frequent long distance driving. However, in the longer run, Reva can result in big savings in the scene of rising fuel prices.

From an ecological point of view, Reva is the outstanding answer for a greener tomorrow. Its zero-polluter fuel technology, tubeless tyres saves energy and conserves our planet. If you are looking for a luxurious, fast driven car, Reva may not suit your palette. However if you are looking at an easy, comfortable, big on savings car, Reva is definitely the right choice. Reva lives up to its catch phrase ‘CITY MOBILITY AT ITS BEST’. Our last word is that this car makes a big difference on your wallet and a bigger difference on the planet.

Reva Technical Specifications
Type : Two-door hatchback
Payload : 2 Adults & 2 Children (227 kg)
Top Speed : 80 km/h plus
Charge Time : 80% charge in 2.5 hours; 100% in 8 hours

Reva Integrated Power System
Motor: High torque (52 Nm), AC Induction motor, 3 phase 13 kW peak
Controller: 350 Amp microprocessor based with regenerative braking
Charger: 220 V, 2.2 kW, high Frequency switch mode type (optional 100-120V)
EMS: Microprocessor-based battery management system
Power Pack : 48 V, 200 Amp-hr, EV lead acid batteries

Reva Dimensions
Length: 2638 mm
Width: 1324 mm
Height: 1510 mm
Ground Clearance: 150 mm
Wheel Base: 1710 mm
Turning Radius: 3503 mm
Curb Weight: 700 kg



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